Kaitlin and Scott



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Hello, We are Kaitlin and Scott. We live on a small ranch in the mountains of Utah. We settled here thinking it was the perfect place to build our family. Although our commute to work is a daily grind, we felt like this would be a wonderful place to grow our family in a place our children could run and play.

Working through heartbreak sometimes we find small miracles on the other side. Someone once said, “It is hard to wait around for something that may never happen; but even harder to give up when you know this thing you want is everything you want."

Meet Kaitlin and Scott  (Be sure to watch their video story)

In late 2013, after many months of treatments and medications, Scott and Kaitlin were blessed with the gift of a positive pregnancy test. That day was the best day of their lives because their hopes and dreams of family became a reality --- The IVF worked! Kaitlin and Scott were ecstatic being twice blessed with boy-girl twins.The pregnancy was smooth-going until twenty-three weeks when everything changed. What was once Kaitlin and Scott’s greatest blessing turned into the worst thing that parents can go through – burying their children.

Nora and Hendrik entered their lives but only lived a short 37 hours. These precious babies passed on quietly while in their Mommy and Daddy’s arms.

Kaitlin and Scott made the rounds with RE’s, OB, Perinatologists and other specialists. The clinical answer: Kaitlin is genetically pre-disposed to pre-term labor and a non-traditional incompetent cervix. The good news is with a cerclage and careful monitoring, she will be able to have a baby.

The heartbreak was unbearable. There was anger at all the pregnant moms she saw that appeared not to have a care in the world. Kaitlin was angry at other family members who could have as many children as they wanted. She was angry at Costco for their double-seated shopping carts and that her clothes fit again far too soon. Kaitlin and Scott felt their twins were stolen away all too soon; a feeling to which too many may relate. As some of the anger subsided, this couple began to look for a way to build their family.

Kaitlin and Scott were completely out of funds. They had thousands of dollars in outstanding medical bills. Bills that came from the NICU, two life flights for their twins as well as the $20,000 IVF they paid for out of pocket. Kaitlin and Scott were grieving and felt stuck and well, just out of luck.

The scholarship committee offered Kaitlin and Scott a spot in the IVF Scholarship program. They need your help. Scott and Kaitlin volunteered to help INCIID raise awareness and funds to keep INCIID programs going. 

Kaitlin and Scott volunteered their time and support in raising $3500 for INCIID Programs; to pay it forward for other couples. If you can help them, please donate today. If you want your donation to go toward their fundraising goal, please put “Kaitlin and Scott” in the memo portion of your check or the comment area of the online donation form. You can also send a check by mail here:

5765 F Burke Centre Pkwy
Box 330
Burke, VA 22015

Thank you for helping us help couples like Kaitlin and Scott.

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