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Meet Cristina and Mike Garcia

Last Updated: July 13, 2010
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Infertility is so personal and heartbreaking to us that it was a difficult task to write our story to the INCIID IVF Scholarship committee. Our inability to conceive is painful. I am an elementary school teacher and I work with children every day. I love my job but every day is a constant reminder of how much I want to become a mother and build a family with my wonderful husband Michael.

At 29, I finally met a sweet and loving man, fell in love and married him.

Mike and I returned to our home in Las Vegas, NV. Not long after our wedding, my father suffered a massive heart attack and died instantly. It was devastating to us but especially to me.

After 4 years of marriage we began the quest to start our family. We found that I had endometriosis and would need IVF. We just couldn't afford the procedure.

As a teacher, I see many neglected children. Seeing others neglect their children makes it even harder for us who want so much to be good parents and be good role models for our children.

To complicate matters, we saw friends, relatives and coworkers achieving pregnancy and birth while we suffered without a family in silence. Many people tried to tell us we were trying too hard and it would happen if we would just "R-E-L-A-X". Month after month it was another disappointment.

After much thinking, planning and prayer and with support from our families, we make the decision to try IVF. Like many couples we borrowed the money because insurance does not cover IVF for most people. Also in this economy, we found we were up-side-down with our home mortgage. Our area of the country like so many other places had been hit very hard by the economic times.

To add injury to insult, I only produced 5 eggs and only three were good quality. Our cycle failed and with it our dreams of family felt like they were gone.

Mike is working less than 30 hours a week and I work on Saturdays to help us pay our bills and try and keep our dreams of family alive. INCIID has helped us keep our hope alive with a scholarship for IVF. Mike and I are so thankful for this opportunity and want to give back to others too. We are committed to helping INCIID raise awareness about the plight of couples just like us.

We have formed a fund raising awareness team. Mike and I have pledged to raise a minimum of $3000 for INCIID programs and to keep this amazing opportunity and scholarship alive. INCIID has done so much for families just like ours and we hope to pay it forward with our commitment to raise donations and tax deductible contributions.

If you agree with the INCIID mission, if you understand the pain of infertility and the devastating loss of hope it can bring to couples and individuals, you can help us raise awareness and funds for this worthy charity.

Please send INCIID a tax deductible donation today. If you want to donate toward the "From INCIID the Heart" scholarship program in the name of our fund raising efforts - please also include our names (Cristina and Mike

Garcia) in step 6 of the donation form. You can donate securely online here.

If you want to send a check - make it out to INCIID Inc. and send it to:


PO Box 6836

Arlington, VA 22206

You can also donate via FAX: 703-379-1593 or by phone: 703-379-9178 Thank you for reading our story and for your support of INCIID Programs and Services!

However you decide to donate --- Tell INCIID Mike and Cristina sent you!

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