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Last Updated: January 6, 2007
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The INCIID Forums have moved Here.

Monthly Due In Boards are here.

Dr. Greene's forum has moved here.

This new area has more security and privacy. The new forums are easier to navigate and more user friendly providing some entertaining elements like avatars, polls, instant emails and more. Be sure to change your bookmarks.

Need to ask an expert a question? Or do you want to network with others who understand the pain of Infertility and/or RPL (Recurrent Pregnancy Loss)? Do you want to interact with others who have adopted a baby from foster care, through an independent adoption or internationally?

Some are already members of the new area. If you have not already posted on the new forums, you WILL have to RE-REGISTER because of the move.

You will still be able to read most of the forums without registering but if you want to participate you will have to register.
The same INCIID TOS (Terms of Service) apply .

If you have any questions email us.
After 15 seconds this page will refresh and take you to the new forum and bulletin board area..

Go directly to the INCIID Interactive Sections for:


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