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Kate and Eric's Journey

Last Updated: July 6, 2010
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Kate and Eric are excited and proud to be scholarship recipients. With the help of INCIID, our dreams of becoming genetic parents are held high.

Eric and I have had the chance to be "parents" to many students in our performing arts school.  We have watched them grow, become big brothers and sisters, and become young adults.  While we have great pride in them, and are honored to be such an integral part of their development, we have felt incomplete without a family of our own. 

Eric and I have been waiting and trying to build our family for many years.  While we were trying to build our family, we also continued to grow our community school.  Running a small business is emotionally rewarding, but doesn't allow for many personal expenditures. As our insurance does not cover treatments such as IVF, without this scholarship, becoming genetic parents would not have been a possibility for us. 

We are not alone in this journey.  Like us, many other couples possess an abundance of love, but not an abundance of money.  May we all have the chance that many take for granted-to be genetic parents.  Through the opportunites provided by INCIID, there is this chance.  If you are not able to attend one of our fundraising events, perhaps you might consider helping INCIID continue its outreach by donating here:  Please fill out the applicable sections and list our names in Step 6 (at the bottom of the donation page).

We are humbled and grateful by this opportunity.  Holding hope up high. 

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