May 6 - Read the Article 


Apr 1 -  Read the Article on Advocacy Styles: Adversarial or Agressive
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Apr 22 - Special Education Advocacy: What you need to know - about what you need to know OR Don't be afraid to invite the elephant into the room. Read the Article.
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Apr 30 - Helen Adrienne, LCSW Mind-Body Unity expert. Mother's and Father's Day --- Infertility Stressors - Read the article. Helen also gives us an example of guided imagery during the Webinar.
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Mar 3 – How to analyze records and come to a conclusion.

Mar 18 –   


Feb 5  - 7:30 PM ET -  Part of the Special Education Twenty-Four Part Advocacy Series; How to organize your child's school records.

Feb 19 – 7:30 PM ET - How to use information to advocate for my special needs child. Special Education Strategies


Jan 22 - 7:30 PM: The Gordian Knot - FERPA what is it?





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