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Companies which may offer Infertility Benefits

List of Infertility and Adoption friendly Employers

This list is updated whenever anyone emails us about coverage.
If you have information about a company please send us an email and we will add it to the list.
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If your company covers infertility and/or adoption expenses, please email us!
Please remember, this list is through word of mouth and you must 
CHECK the information as coverages OFTEN change.

Alphabetical List of Companies Offering Fertility Benefit Coverage



Abbott (Illinois)
All IF tx including IVF; prior approval required! Humana PPO and Aetna PPO covers Abbott & Tapp Pharmaceuticals employees for IF coverage anywhere in the U.S. Coverage is for up to 4 attempts (or only 2 add'l if live birth on #1). Adoption assistance of $2,500/child/year.
Source: Email submission 8/6/00


All IF tx including IVF (BlueCross Blue Shield); infertility coverage is $35,000 lifetime maximum and covers diagnostic and any infertility treatments including IVF. Copay is $10. [Update] According to an email received 1-04-06, as of 1/01/06 the max lifetime benefit for Accenture's blue cross blue shield infertility treatment is $20,000. The Co-pay is still $10. (Email 1-4-06)


Ace Hardware (Illinois)
All IF tx including IVF (Cigna HMO Illinois); 4 attempts. All tx and drugs are covered with $10 copay.
Source: Email submission 4/12/01


Adecco in NY. Provides a max of $10,000 lifetime for infertility, including IVF, with United Healthcare. The $10K can be stretched over several cycles because they dont pay the RE's what the RE's charge. UHC has contracted rates with the doctors, which is much less than what you will pay out of pocket. They also offer up to $5,000 for meds, and have $2500 of adoption assistance (per child, up to 2 children). Please note you must be classified as a "colleague" with Adecco. If you are classified as an "associate" the coverage is different (I'm not sure if infertility is covered). (email 12-21-05)


Adobe in Seattle. They cover diagnosis and IVF after 6 trials (and failures) with IUI. (email - 2-14-04)


AEGON (Florida)
All IF tx including IVF (BlueCross Blue Shield); lifetime max is $15,000.
Source: Email submission 8/29/02


Aetna (Pennsylvania)
All IF tx not including IVF (Aetna); all diagnostic/testing covered. 6 IUIs per lifetime covered. Injectibles not covered. IVF/GIFT/ZIFT not covered. $5000 adoption assistance.
Source: Email submission 8/10/02


AgCo/AgChem (Minnesota)
All IF tx including IVF (BlueCross Blue Shield of Georgia); Will cover all types of infertility, $5000 limit per year, $10,000 maximum.
Source: Email submission 1/9/03


Agency Mortgage Corporation.  It covers all testing and unlimited IUI, no IVF or FET.  $20.00 copay each visit. Must have four month history of ttc.  Insurance is Aetna POS.  Meds covered but must be pre-certified-no copay. (Email: 11-17-04)


AIG (American International Group) - Illinois
All IF tx including IVF (United Healthcare PPO), Lifetime Max of $5000.00 includes meds. Illinois is a mandate state, however AIG is self-insured so they do not have to obey mandates. Considering that one cycle of IVF can cost $15,000.00+; $5000.00 limit is not nearly enough coverage!! $7500 reimbursement for adoption per child, maximum of 2 adoptions per employee. (Source 1-17-06 email)


Airborne Express
All IF tx including IVF; $10K lifetime coverage
Source: IVFConnections Financing IVF post 6/4/00


Albany International - Invitro limited to 6 attempts, reversal of sterilization 10-28-04


Albertsons. According to this consumer who wrote us, Albertson's has had IVF coverage for years. They just sold and now the LLC part under the BCBS of Idaho PPO plan continues to offer IVF coverage. 20k lifetime max. 5k lifetime max on drugs. Genetic testing with pre-auth. I believe they cover 20k for adoption too. GREAT COVERAGE. Need to work 6 months for coverage and then have 6 month pre-existing clause unless you fall under HIPPA rules and are exempt. (Email 7-26-07)


Allied Waste Management formerly BFI)
All IF tx not including IVF (Cigna); Insurance through Cigna HMO covers only labs, no meds and no procedures. They won't even cover the labs if you are getting insemination.
Source: Email submission 1/23/02


Alltel Corporation (Texas)
All IF tx including IVF; United Healthcare (Alltel Corporate EPO); covers 3 cycles of ART including meds
Source: Email submission 12/27/01


American Airlines (Missouri)
No IF tx beyond first diagnosis (United Healthcare PPO). Were told that they would cover only the cost of the initial doctor's visit IF infertility was diagnosed. Were also told that ART was not covered.
Source: Email submission 4/3/02


American Bureau of Shipping, International based in Houston TX
"A reduction in fertility benefits from the current three attempts, no maximum, to three attempts or $10,000 lifetime maximum (including drugs). ABS has also decided to offer adoption reimbursement to employees of up to $2,500 per child, maximum of three reimbursements per family." Effective 1-1-04 Email 12-9-04


American Express
90% coverage with 15,000.00 lifetime maximum for IF benefits including IVF (United Healthcare PPO)
Source: Email submission 11/18/00


America Online (New Mexico)
All IF tx including IVF (United Health); they cover 3 rounds IUI or IVF. Also provide adoption coverage.
Source: Email submission 5/30/02


AMS Inc. (Virginia)
All IF tx including IVF (Cigna HMO) and adoption coverage; unlimited IF coverage with small co-pays after approval.
Source: Email submission 8/14/00


AMS (California) --- update 6-21-04 no longer offers infertility coverage for those of us in California, anyway. They were sold to CGI, and infertility treatment is now excluded.


Anthem/Wellpoint (Denver, Colorado --- same coverage options in California and Nevada). 
PPO and the HMO plans up to $5000 (life-time maximum) for infertility treatments including IVF--coverage is at 50% after the in-network discounted rates.  Meds are covered under a separate $5000 annual maximum and are covered at 50% as well.These plans are for Anthem/Wellpoint EMPLOYEES ONLY, not for people with individual policies or group policies through their employers.  They would be restricted to what their group or individual policy states in reference to infertility. (Email: 5-11-05)


Applied Industrial Technologies (Ohio)
All IF tx including IVF (Aetna); up to $50,000 IF coverage, including IVF, GIFT, ZIFT/option to pay a little bit more a month to have zero out of pocket, otherwise it is 80/20 on most procedures
Source: Email submission 3/23/02


Arch Chemicals, Inc. (Global Company with locations in TN, CT, GA, LA, UK, and many others)Offers 90 % coverage for all fertility treatments including diagnostic and Meds, up to $25,000. (email 3-2004)


Arch Wireless (Texas)
All If tx including IVF (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts); up to $35,000 including IVF. Great insurance based on Mass. laws but available in Texas.
Source: Email submission 4/18/01


Arkansas, State of (government employees)
All IF tx including IVF through BC/BS PPO
Source: FertileThoughts Insurance post 6/12/00


Armstrong World Industries PPO plan covers infertility treatments up to a maximum of $10,000.  This includes IVF, GIFT, IUI, etc. (Email 2-14-07)


Arnold & Porter (Washington, DC)
All IF tx including IVF; believe it is capped at $30,000.
Source: Email submission 11/2/02


Arrow Electronics in NY. They do not cover IVF but do cover up to 6 IUIs (Aetna), including injectible medications, due to the NYS mandate. (email 12-22-05)


AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals (Delaware)
Astra Zeneca changed their infertility benefits effective 1/1/11. They are now as follows: $15,000.00 lifetime benefit  Employees who utilized benefits prior to 1/1/11 are “grandfathered” to retain the old benefit of $40,000.00but must use those benefits by 12/31/11. Effective 1/1/12, ALL employees are limited to a $15,000.00 lifetime maximum. (Email sent 07-15-11)


Atlantic Health System (New Jersey)
All IF tx including IVF (Coresource); Covers everything. After co-pay, Meds and all treatments covered 100%. Some Adoption costs reimbursed.
Source: Email submission 7/11/02


Automatic Data Processing-ADP and have my insurance through Aetna (for other details follow the link) PPO-Open Choice PPO.  They do cover IF, with a $5000 calendar year max, if you go to an in-network clinic then the rates are significantly lower (1/4 to 1/3 cash prices).  They cover IVF, IUIs, TESE etc., ICSI when necessary, and all necessary meds (with copays).


Avon Products, Inc. (headquartered in NY; DE, CA, GA, IL, and OH offices also covered)
All IF tx including IVF (Aetna/US Healthcare)
Source: Email submission 10/23/00



Baker & McKenzie (Texas)
All IF tx including IVF (Cigna Ppo); Baker & McKenzie is the largest law firm in the world. They offer Cigna PPO and it covers all IF treatments and drugs, including up to 4 IVF treatments. They've been fabulous and I have them to thank for my 2 beautiful IF children!
Source: Email submission 7/31/02


Ball Aerospace
Source: INCIID Pgw/Mult post 5/18/00


Bank of American covers up to 2 IVF (From email and posted 9-16-04)


Bank of New Hampshire (Maine)
All IF tx (HMO blue of new england managed by bc/bs of maine); they have full coverage for art, need referral from pcp to see re and you need to get prior approval from the infertility case manager @ bc/bs of me the re's office will help do this for you. They do not cover cryopreservation of embryos or sperm.
Source: Email submission 12/5/00


The Bank of New York (NY)
All IF tx including IVF (Oxford, United Healthcare, Aetna).
Source: Email submission 7/27/02


Bank One (Illinois)
All IF tx through an HMO plan (HMO Illinois?); must work 20 hours, covers 4 IVF
Source: Email submission 7/15/00


Bear Stearns (Texas)
All IF tx including IVF (Cigna PPO). $10,000 Infertility Max Life. $5,000 Adoption.
Source: Email submission 3/6/01


Bearing Point (Georgia)
All IF tx not inlcuding IVF (Cigna Network Plan); artificial insemination is covered, and according to the Cinga rep, medications are included!
Source: Email submission 10/17/02


Bemis (Illinois)
Covers IF testing and treatment; medications are covered for IF; Lupron IS NOT covered for IF (John Deere/Heritage National).
Source: Email submission 6/30/00


Berkshire Medical Center (Massachusetts)
All IF tx including IVF
Source: Email submission 3/1/02


Biogen Idec offers infertility coverage up to 20K (lifetime maximum benefit). This is after an itial $10 co-pay and is offered through Bluecross PPA.
(Email 9-8-07)


Blockbuster Video's (Colorado)
All IF tx including IVF (United Healthcare). Covers IVF, but not GIFT or ZIFT. 90% in network, 70% out. Covers IVF but not Gift or Zift. 90% in network, 70% out. I believe this is true for the entire BB chain. Even though they offer insurance to part-timers, you must work full time or your benefits are limited to $1000 for out patient services.
Source: Email submission 3/13/02 and 4/4/02


Blockbuster Video (Georgia)
No IF tx coverage (United Healthcare). Source: Email submission 7/9/02


Blue Cross Blue Shield (Georgia)
IF tx excluding IVF (Blue Cross Blue Shield). Source: Email submission 5/4/03


BMC Software (Texas)
No IF coverage (BC/BS of Texas); No Coverage for any reproductive assisted no iui,no sa, no ivf. $2500-5000 adoption assistance.
Source: Email submission 6/6/02


Borders Group Inc. (Michigan)
IF coverage not including IVF (Aetna); adoption expenses up to $3,000.
Source: Email submission 3/5/03


BpAmoco Oil Company (Missouri, but may include Illinois & other locations)
Prescriptions through Caremark Systems, IF drugs covered at $25 a px. All diagnostics are covered and meds are covered thru Caremark. IUI, IVF, ZIFT, and GIFT are NOT covered. They pay $3,000 for each Adoption.
Source: Email submission 3/1/02


Bright house Networks (Florida) offers insurance coverage for up to 3 cycles of IVF as well as coverage for Injectibles . Offered through United Heath care. There are 2 plans to chose from.Copay ranges from 15$ to 20$ on all Injectibles . They also offer adoption assistance.


Budget Group (Budget Rent A Car) (Florida)
This policy (Blue Cross Blue Shield (Blues Care HMO)) in Florida, said they will cover ART. They will pay for diag, testing and surgery to correct. But no IVF, GIFT, ZIFT. After 3 calls it is unclear as to it they will pay for any meds, even Clomid. This may be due to what policy the employer elected.
Source: Email submission 11/14/00


Budget RAC (Budget Rent A Car) (Illinois)
All IF tx including IVF (Definity Health); $10K lifetime max, includes IVF
Source: Email submission 10/17/02



CVS Pharmacy covers iui/ivf upto 10k lifetime max and 10klifetime max on fert meds. Source: Email submission 8-26-08


Cahners (New York)
All IF tx including IVF (Aetna and United Healthcare); $10,000 lifetime limit. Source: Email submission 4/3/01


California Supply North Inc
Covers diagnosis and treatment 100% (up to IVF, GIFT, and ZIFT) will cover up to 6 cycles of IUI's and Injectibles (Pru care HMO)
Source: Email submission 9/29/00

Capgemini Consulting: The US headquarters for Capgemini is based in IL. This company follows the IL Infertility Coverage Mandate.  The employee does not have to live in IL to receive the coverage.  This recipient in an email told INCIID she lives in PA and has been able to utilize the coverage completing 3 IVF cycles, PGD and PGS testing due to an inherited genetic issue (screening embryos).  For the IVF cycles only payment for embryo cryopreservation and co-pays for the fertility drugs (around  $100 - $200) for per cycle.   PGD and PGS might also be covered but must pay out of pocket first before submitting a claim for reimbursement.  (email submission to INCIID on 11/29/16)

Capital One
Effective January 1, 2004, changes to the infertility benefit include a new coinsurance limit of 50 percent on all network and non-network related infertility services. In addition, the lifetime maximun will be reduced to $10,000. The overall Capital One pharmacy benefit also will be changing for 2004, and infertility related prescriptions will be covered at 50 percent co-insurance with no maximun out of pocket expense." This is a big reduction, however, Capital One is adding additional benefits, including adoption assistance to it's package. (email submission 11-2003)


Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital (Missouri)
IF tx excluding IVF (Exclusive Choice); : covers fertility drugs for iui and ivf up to $5000 reimbursement for adoption fees.
Source: Email submission 3/5/03 (Illinois)
All IF tx including IVF (Alliance PPO); they even cover donor egg which is rare, treatment up to 25K, Operations in Atlanta and Illinois but have sales reps throughout country
Source: Email submission 9/11/02


Carlson Companies, corp. HQ in Minnesota (does not necessarily apply to other locations (i.e., Virginia))
All IF tx including IVF (50% co-pay on meds); $10K lifetime coverage
Source: INCIID IVF WR post 5/18/00


Casual Corner
All IF tx including IVF: 3 IVF's paid up to $10,000 each. IUI's paid for up to 4 times a month for one 6 month period in a lifetime. Coverage provided for employees that work 20 or more hours a week.
Source: Email submission 3/23/02  
Update: (email received June 11, 2005) You have a 90 day period before your insurance is effective then you have to wait one year! Effective 1/05


Cendant Corporation
All IF tx including IVF (one attempt)
Source: INCIID IVF WR post 5/18/00


Chase Bank
All IF treatments are covered, including IVF (various for medical; Merck Medco for Rx); $25,000 lifetime benefit for IF (not including meds); $5,000 lifetime benefit for IF-specific meds; Adoption benefit of $10,000
Source: Email submission 3/8/03


Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
All IF treatments are covered, including IVF; through the HMO (Aetna) in NJ all Infertility procedures, ART and meds are covered under the new NJ mandate - Employees do not need to live in NJ only have a primary care physician in NJ. HMO -PA covers 6 IUI's and other
Source: Email submission 9/10/02 
(Email received 5-31-05) New Jersey Employees do receive coverage through the HMO up to and including IVF under NJ law.  However PA employees receive limited coverage Cigna's (Ohio) current infertility benefits are everything (IVF, IUI, injectibles, etc) is covered up to a $20,000 lifetime max on all three types of policies they offer (HMO, POS, PPO). Everything requires prior authorization, and to use the benefits, you must have a treatment plan in place with a case manager. This is at the Columbus, OH office on Polaris Pkwy. 7-4-04


Cingular Wireless (Oklahoma and Mississippi, perhaps nationwide?)
All IF treatments covered including IVF up to $10,000/year (United Health Care insurance). Covers IVF, GIFT and ZIFT up to $10,000 max for medical and $10,000 max for meds. Meds are covered by CareMark. PPO, On Network $10 co-pay, off network 80/20 after deductible. ($5,000 adoption benefit)
Source: Email submissions 4/10/03, 2/28/03 and 1/19/03.


Circuit City Stores, Inc.
All IF tx but not IVF (Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO). Covers drugs, office visits and monitoring b/w & u/s for ART procedures.
Source: Email submission 2/15/01


Cisco systems (headquartered in San Jose, CA) provides infertility benefits to its employees. They have 2 plans Cigna PPO $10k lifetime, includes diagnosis and treatment including IVF. Prescription drugs for IVF do not count towards the 10k max!!
United Healthcare PPO $10k lifetime, includes diagnosis and treatment including IVF. Prescription drugs for IVF do not count towards the 10k max!!
With an RE who is in-network, you can also get 2 full cycles in 1 year and then switch to the other insurance plan next year. (email 10-2003)


Citibank/Citicorp (South Dakota)
All IF tx including IVF (United Healthcare only -- changed for 2002) subject to these limitations: Limited to three artifical insemination procedures and three in-vitro fertilization procedures in a lifetime. Requires documented two-year history of infertility or a medical condition that either through surgery or other procedure would not reverse the infertility regardless of the two-year history. Network: $8000/yr. limit (changed in 2002) -- 100% after $50 copayment per visit.
Source: Email submission 12/27/01

Citimortgage, a division of Citigroup. We are covered for infertility treatment, including artificial insemination, IVF, GIFT and ZIFT : 90% for in-network and 70% for out-of-network. The lifetime max is $24,000.00. The provider was United Healthcare PPO and will be, effective 01/01/05, Empire BCBS PPO. Medco Health provides prescription coverage up to $7,000.00. (Email 12-23-04)

City of Cleveland Ohio - The City of Cleveland (Ohio) offers insurance which covers the medication for infertility, not procedures like IVF. You mail order the drugs with a $25 co-pay. (email 12-6-04)

City of Danville, Kentucky
All IF tx (Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kentucky); covers fertility treatments and drugs at 50%, but does not recover retrieval and transfer for IVF. They've actually been covering bloodwork at 100% and ultrasounds at 80%.
Source: Email submission 4/26/01


City of East Point (Georgia)
100% infertility treatment is covered. IVF or artificial insemination is not covered. (Cigna)
Source: Email submission 3/2/02


City of New York (New York)
All IF medications (PICA Program); As of August 1 2002 the City of New York Office of Labor Relation and Municipal Labor Committee has implemented the PICA Program; this program will cover all employees and non-Medicare retirees enrolled ina health plan offered by the City's Health Benefits program. The PICA Program will cover all injectables (not used in Dr's office only ones you give yourself). This means all infertility meds used for IVF, phone number for info is 800-467-2006.
Source: Email submission 9/12/02


City of Tampa Police Department (Florida)
BCBS of Florida Health Options covers Dx for IF only, does not cover IVF,IUI,GIFT,ZIFT.
Source: Email submission 5/9/02


Clark Bardes (Minnesota)
All IF tx including IVF through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois. 80% of all infertility procedures, 100% lab and ultrasound procedures, Co-Pay ($20) on medications, $25,000 (4 attempts) lifetime maximum. Lab, ultrasound and medicines do not count towards lifetime maximum.
Source: Email submission 2/23/02


Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton covers infertility treatments for a diagnosed infertility or 12 months of trying without achieving pregnancy.  Has a 15K limit on infertility benefits plus a 6K limit on drugs. Source: Email submission 8-26-08


Colgate (New York)
All IF tx through United Healthcare (POS). 3 IVF attempts lifetime maximum, no age limit but must not be menopausal. In network co-pay only, out of network 80%, meds, copay $10.
Source: Email submission 12/7/00


Comcast Cable (Pennsylvania)
All IF tx through Indepedence Blue Cross. Covers all IF testing and treatment through plan providers. I go out of network (no provider in my aea) and I pay about $350 out of $500 in IUI's. $15,000 max. PCS Prescription Plan allows $95 for Clomid and $28 for Progesterone suppositories (personal experience) So, %90? Comcast also offers Aetna USHC. I can't remember what IF they cover.
Source: Email submission 10/13/00


Computer Horizons (New Jersey)
Will cover diagnostic IF as well as b/w & u/s for IVF (but not the actual IVF procedures) through Aetna; also covers adoption expenses
Source: Email submission 6/29/00


Community Medical Center - Payable 50% up to LTM of $3000 Invitro Fertilization Covered 10-28-04

Computershare, Canton, MA offers IVF 3 times per lifetime. (Email 11-21-06)


Con Edison (New York)
All IF tx, may include IVF (United Healthcare); $25k lifetime coverage for IF treatment
Source: Email submission 3/15/02


Continental Airlines (New Jersey)
All IF tx which MAY include IVF (Oxford Health Care); each work location varies in infertility coverage. IVF and other ART procedures not covered unless you live in a mandated state. $4K for each adoption up to 2 adoptions with assistance to travel to bring baby home. Note that there is NO COVERAGE for IF including IVF in Texas.
Source: Email submissions 3/4/03 and 3/20/02 and 5/22/02


Convergys Corporation (Florida)
All IF tx including IVF (United Health Care); will cover up to $7500 lifetime maximum in infertility benefits including IVF, ZIFT, GIFT and medications.
Source: Email submission 4/25/02


Culpeper Regional Hospital (Virginia) (Optimum Choice). Infertility diagnosis and treatment is covered at 50% with up to 6 cycles of IUI. Everything must be pre-authorized. (Email: 4-24-05)



Davis Electric: My husband works for Davis Electric.  They are out of Kansas and Canyon (tx).  They have BC/BS and it covers infertility.They will not cover the actual IUI or IVF or any insemination procedure.  But they will cover the meds, the u/s, bloodwork and sperm wash for IUI.  And they will cover all the meds and u/s and blood work for IVF.  They just wont cover the ER or ET.  They also cover everything that has to do with endometriosis.  (to every possible extent you can go with endo) (email 9-13-05)


Deloitte & Touche -- Coverage is available through the United Healthcare PPO plan (starting 1/1/2004).Infertility treatment (includes IVF) -- lifetime max of $25,000. Office visit is a $40 copay then the plan pays 100% (up to lifetime max). Non-office visit -- the plan pays 90% (up to lifetime max). Please note that coverage through United Healthcare includes coverage for both donor egg and sperm. (updated via email on 12-2-04) Prescription/pharmacy costs go towards the lifetime max.(email 11-23-03)


Dick's Sporting Goods (Ohio)
All IF tx including IVF (Blue Cross/Blue Shield); there is a $25K lifetime maximum. There is a 80/20 payment. You have to work there two months, 30 hours per week, in order to be eligible for this Blue/Cross coverage. (They offer Starbridge Ins. right off the bat, but this one does NOT cover IF/IVF).
Source: Email submission 10/11/02


Digitas Inc, . This is an advertising agency based in Boston. It also has offices throughout the country ( They use BCBS of Mass. this consumer has a history of 2 IUI's and 3 IVF's=neg, then a fourth producing a live birth. According to the email, they covered 3 IVF's, almost 100%, except for some monitoring fees. The number of attempts (again according to the person emailing this to us) were determined on a case-by-case basis. The meds were a co-pay. (Email 3-2004)


IF tx through BC/BS PPO Arkansas; $15K lifetime coverage (80/20 coverage)
Source: INCIID LII post 6/8/00


Diosynth (Akzo Nobel) (North Carolina)
All IF tx including IVF (MedCost Preferred); all infertility meds are covered with regular co-pays ($9-$15); IVF is covered up to $10,000 (normally 2 cycles).
Source: Email submission 8/13/02


Some IF tx -- NOTE: Effective 1/1/03, Disney's insurance benefits for infertility are drastically changing next year. They will cover some infertility (at 50% with a $10,000 maximum lifetime benefit), but if you have had treatment prior to the change it all counts toward the maximum.
Source: FertileThoughts Insurance board post 12/14/02


Dolch Computer Systems (California)
IF tx through Kaiser Permanente
Source: Email submission 2/22/02


Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette
IF tx through Oxford
Source: INCIID IVF WR post 5/18/00


Dun and Bradstreet
All IF tx through United Healthcare POS option B. Up to 15K at 80% coverage. Does not pay for ivf/icsi drugs. Does pay 5k on adoption process. This is nationwide, not sure about international though.
Source: Email submission 12/9/00


All IF tx including IVF; $25K lifetime coverage has changed. DuPont now separates the $25k lifetime maximum into separate $15,000 for treatment of infertility and $10,000 for drug coverage (both are still lifetime maximums).
Source: email on 2-2-07


Dynegy (Texas)
All IF tx including IVF (UnitedHealth); 7,500 per calendar year $15.00 co-pay.
Source: Email submission 8/26/02



Electronic Data Systems (EDS) (Oklahoma)
All IF tx inclduing IVF (Cigna PPA Plus); covers 80% of all procedures up to $7,500 lifetime max (after $250 deductible). IF Drugs are covered at 80% - to be included in $7,500 max figure
Source: Email submission 6/12/01  


Electronic Data Systems (EDS) (Texas)
IF tx (not sure about IVF); EDS Health Benefits
Source: Email submission 9/21/00


EMC Corporation (Michigan)
Comprehensive IF coverage (Cigna PPO). IUI coverage as well as 2 IVF attempts. Infertilitiy $10,000.00 MAX Life. Meds covered thru NPA. Adoption benefits $5000. Source: Email submission 3/6/01

EMC Corporation (Massachusetts). Coverage appears to be company-wide. (Source an email from an employee in NC.


All IF tx including IVF; $5K lifetime coverage
Source: INCIID PgFoyer post 5/19/00



Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax County, Virginia
All IF tx including IVF (for tubal, endo, or 5-yr history)
Source: INCIID LII post 4/19/00


First Data (Florida)
All IF tx including IVF (CIGNA); not sure of adoption details, just know they do have benefits. They have locations in Colorado, Maryland, New York and Internationally
Source: Email submission (2/14/03)


FleetBoston Financial
All IF tx including IVF
Source: IVFConnections Financing IVF post 5/21/00


Ford Motor Company : My IVF is being covered by Ford Motor Company. They cover 3 attempts.This is thru Humana KPPA (email 11-16-05


FreddieMac (Virginia)
All IF tx including IVF thorugh Aetna PPO. All IVF TX covered ($10,000 lifetime max). Unlimited meds. covered w/$10 or $20 co-pays. Adoption expenses paid up to cost of avg. birth delivery in DC area.


Frito Lay/Pepsi Co/Pepsi Bottling Group/Pepsi North America/ Quaker Food - LTM $25,000, covered: IVF, GIFT, ZIFT, IVC, Artifical Insemination, drugs, and dx testing 10-28-04
Source: Email submission 2/23/02


Frontier Utilities (was Citizens Utilities) had a 25,000 dollar rider for IVF. I have heard they are changing their Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan in January and I don't know if it will continue to provide the IVF coverage. (Email submission 11-13-03)



Gap, Inc Point of Service insurance. $10,000 lifetime. limit includes any direct attempts to get pregnant (IUIs and/or IVF) Diagnostic procedures do not fall under the limit. Drugs for the procedures are covered under a seperate drug plan. Source email from Corporate Recruiting on 8-9-04.


Glaxosmithkline may have unlimited infertility coverage, but this needs to be confirmed by someone else
Source: Email submission 8-26-08


Genentech (California)
All IF tx including IVF subject to $10,000 limit (Aetna)
Source: Email submission 10/24/00


General Electric - covers infertility testing and surgery. Does not cover IUI, IVF, fertility drugs. Will reimburse up to $4,000 in adoption expenses. (Email 11-8-04)


Genetics & IVF Institute (Virginia)
All IF tx including IVF (Accordia National/Alliance); Coverage for IVF/ICSI/IUI and frozen transfer cycles are covered @ 90%. Medication also covered under prescription drug plan.
Source: Email submission 10/25/02


*Georgia State Plans through Kaiser: as of 1/1/06, all State plans through Kaiser dropped coverage of all treatment forms for infertility.  Really hit me hard since we have had coverage for all treatments up to IVF for past 6 years and then it got dropped without notice this year.  Might be good to update your list - this is an absolute fact I know since it hit me in the pocketbook!  Thanks for your website though - it's been a wonderful source of info. (email 2-17-06)


Glaxo Wellcome Pharmaceuticals (North Carolina)
All IF tx including 2 IVF cycles; adoption coverage
Source: Email submission 9/18/00



Harris Corporation (Florida)
All IF tx not including IVF (United Healthcare); Covers 80% of all diaonosis, bloodwork/tests, and treatment except IVF. Covers clomid and injectibles.
Source: Email submission 1/18/02


Harris County employees under the Aetna POS II plan covers all diagnostic testing, covers monitoring of ovulation induction and actual IUI, with $30 co-pay for each visit. Does not cover medications. Email 2011


Healthcare of America (Florida)
All IF tx not including IVF (Humana HMO). Covers first $2000 for infertility and 50% thereafter. Does not cover IVF or meds for IVF.
Source: Email submission 3/3/02


Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Kingsport, Tennessee - $5,000 lifetime through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. This includes meds. Source: Email 7-13-04


Herman Miller, Inc. (Michigan)
All IF tx including IVF (BCBS PPO); IVF max $4000.00 lifetime benefit; Adoption expenses $5000.00 per child.
Source: Email submission 4/12/01


Hewitt Associates, LLC (Illinois)
All IF tx including IVF (Aetna HMO); 6 IUIs per lifetime and 3 ART per lifetime, does not cover ANY injectable drugs. $10,000 adoption allowance. 
Source: Email submission 2/23/02 


Hitachi Consulting has fertility benefits: a $10,000 lifetime maximum. If you use a doctor who has an Aetna contract though, only the actual procedure falls under the $10k.  Important, or you go overthe $10k with just one try. They have many offices across the country, look on the website for locations. (email 5-11-07)


The HoneyBaked Ham Company of Georgia (Georgia)
All IF tx not including IVF (Guardian); $6000 Lifetime max on infertility treatment and meds but does not cover IVF. HBH of GA operates in 15 States including GA, TN, NC, SC, FL, LA, AK, MS, CO, UT, NV, MO/IL, NE, AL. Due to negotiated rates the $6000 can cover significant attempts at IUI.
Source: Email submission 10/7/02


Howmet Casting Inc.
All IF tx including IVF (4 cycles including meds)
Source: IVFConnections Financing IVF post 3/31/00


Humana, Inc.
All IF tx including IVF (Humana Healthplans) Covers 50% up to $5,000 per plan year of infertility treatments. Includes adoption assistance: has money assistance with legal fees up to $5,000.
Source: Email submission 4/5/02


Huntsville Hospital (Alabama) covers 90% IVF meds in-house, covers 80% IVF meds out of house. Does not Cover IVF or US and uses Blue cross/ Blue shield of Alabama (email 2-22-06)



Source: INCIID IVF WR post 5/18/00


IMC Chemicals - Artificial Insemination & InVitro to LTM $20,000 10-28-04

Illinois, State of (government employees)
All IF tx including IVF (four attempts)
Source: INCIID IVF WR post 5/18/00


Independence Blue Cross (located in Philadelphia, PA)
All IF tx including IVF (100% coverage for 3 cycles); In addition all meds are covered with a $15.00 co pay through their Rx plan. Any employment with the company full time entitles you to benefits after the 1st of the month following employment date. Also, if you leave for any reason you are entitled to the SAME EXACT benefits through their COBRA plan. It is the best plan in PA.
Source: Email submission 8/8/00


ING (Colorado)
ALl IF tx including IVF (United Healthcare Options PPO); $10,000 for ART (lifetime); prescription medication insurance (PAID/Medco) covers all fertility meds at usual rate (either $10, $20, or $30 co-pay depending on brand) - unlimited benefits for medications.
Source: Email submission 7/16/02


Inova Health Care System (Virginia)
All IF tx including IVF (Aetna); for employees working 20 or more hours per week. Covers $25,000 lifetime maximum for infertility - including IVF and any related procedures. They also give prescription coverage for up to 6 cycles - this is IN ADDITION to the $25,000 max for tx. Coverage begins the first month following your month of employment. There is no pre-existing condition clause. Inova owns a number of hospitals in the No. Virginia area - including Fairfax Hospital, Alexandria Hospital, Fair Oaks Hospital, and Mt. Vernon Hospital.
Source: Email submission 11/18/02


Integral Systems Incorporated. They have offices in Maryland, Colorado and several other states as well as internationally. They have Alliance PPO and have a $5,000 lifetime max for infertility and 3 IVF attempts per live birth up to $100,000 lifetime max. (email submission 10-8-03)

Integris Baptist Hospital (located in Oklahoma)

All IF tx including IVF (PPO Oklahoma/Mutual Assurance). They cover a maximum infertility benefit of 40,000.00 lifetime.
Source: IVFConnections Financing IVF post 2/21/00 and Email submission 3/1/02


Iron Mountain (New Jersey)

All IF tx including IVF (Cigna). In-vitro fert, GIFT, ZIFT, limite4d to 3 attempts per lifetime. No co-pay. Charges made for or in connection with all non-experimental infertility diagnosis and treatment procedures, including oral and injectable drug therapy; sperm, egg and/or inseminated egg procurement and processing; cryo preservation of sperm and embryos and related charges; artificial insemination; in vitro fertilization and embryo placement; intracytoplasmic sperm injection; gamete intrafallopian transfer; sygote intrafallopian transfer and similar procedures.
Source: Email submission 3/12/02



JPMorgan (New York)
All IF tx including IVF (various for medical; Merck Medco for Rx); Max lifetime coverage for IF is $25,000, not including meds. Rx insurance covers $5,000 lifetime for IF-specific meds. Adoption benefit of $10,000.
Source: Email submission 11/19/02


Jefferson Health System (located in Pennsylvania)
All IF tx including IVF (through Independence Blue Cross /Blue Shield) but no meds coverage.
Source: Email submission 8/8/00


Johns Hopkins University (and affiliated laboratories) In Maryland, through Aetna PPO 6 cycles lifetime injectables/IUI 3 cycles lifetime IVF (not sure if ICSI is included, but think so...) email 11-7-04


Johnson & Johnson (California and Ohio only?)

All IF tx including IVF (through Aetna PPO)
Source: FertileThoughts IVF post 6/4/00 and email submission 5/12/01



Kaiser Permanente
IF tx that MAY include IVF; Most DO NOT cover anything more elaborate than inj/IUI. In the Southern CA area the Drs will only do 3x cycles though there is no limitation described when you purchase the policy.
Source: Email submission 2/22/01


Kaiser Permanente, Southern California region, does offer IVF benefits to non-union employee groups such as physicians and other salaried employees. The policy is a supplemental policy through Harrington Benefits and it has a $30,000 lifetime cap. It pay 80% of costs and you pay 20% of costs from any provider. The cost is $23 a month for the policy. (Note: this is for Kaiser Permanente employees only. Not Kaiser members who are not employees.) ( Email: 1-30-06)


Kaiser Mid-Atlantic - states of DC & VA covered: IVI, ICI, IUI exclusive: InVitro, GIFT,AIFT, procurement, freezing/storage, assisted hatch, ICSI (If base or adv rider: invitro to 3 attempts per live birth LTM $100,000.) 10-28-04


Kaiser Hawaii -- Artificial Insemination: limit using spouse sperm. Invitro limit 1 procedure/lifetime, spouse sperm. exclused: reversal of sterilization 10-28-04


Kawasaki (in Nebraska only?)
Lincoln, Nebraska has up to $25,000 lifetime coverage for IF treatments.
Source: email 4/23/07 


Keane Inc (Ohio)
IF tx not including IVF (Aetna)
Source: Email submission 8/28/02


Kerr Drug
Source: Email submission 6/23/00


All IF tx including IVF (Aetna); 6 cycles of IUI or AI. The PPO is 3 cycles of ART at 90% after 1,000.00 deductible. The EPO and HMO are 100% of 3 cycles and no deductible. There are 2 PPO's. The second is a 250.00 deductible and then 90% for ART.
Source: Email submission (3/14/03) and post 4/28/00


K-Mart (in Illinois)
IF tx (not sure about IVF); Health Alliance.
Source: Email submission 6/28/00


K-Mart (in Michigan)
IF tx not covered; partial adoption donation (up to $3,000).
Source: Email submission 7/16/00


KSolutions, Inc. (Maryland and other locations)
All IF tx including IVF (BC/BS); we have employees all across the US and everyone is covered under our plan (BC/BS PPO) because we are a Maryland based company because of the "Maryland Mandate". Effective 10/01/00, Maryland Insurance Article Section 15-810 "Benefits for In Vitro Fertilization" was amended and several changes were made the law. Coverage includes 3 IVF attempts per live birth up to lifetime maximum of $100,000.
Source: Email submission 2/25/03


Kraft Foods
All IF tx including IVF
Source: Email submission 6/23/00



Laborer's Union 872 (Las Vegas, nevada)
All IF tx not including IVF (Health Plan of Nevada); they now cover up to 6 cycles of iui's but, no meds. and where you go has to be a provider for them so you might want to call them.
Source: Email submission 2/23/03


Lend Lease (includes Bovis and Cap Mark Services) (Georgia)
All IF tx including IVF (United Healthcare). Covers $50K Infertility and $10K meds.
Source: Email submission 2/28/02


Liberty Mutual Ins.
All IF tx including IVF
Source: Email submission 6/23/00


Long Island Railroad - Long Island, New York (LIRL):  UTU (union) negotiated insurance - Empire Plan/United Healthcare:

$50,000 lifetime maximum PER person.  No copays - 100% coverage if treatment is through

a "Center of Excellence".  Covered procedures - IVF, GIFT, ZIFT, ICSI, Assisted Hatching,

MESA, TESE, sperm, egg or inseminated egg procurement, processing, banking.  Need Pre-

Authorization for qualified procedures, except insemination.  Some transportation

expenses reimbursed when a Center of Excellence is used.   Fertility meds through Prescription plan -

copays ranging from $15 - $60, depending on whether it's a preferred medication. (Email 2-18-05)


Lucent Technologies (Illinois)
All IF tx including IVF through BC/BS HMO Illinois (only ins. co.). Lucent offers several health plans to choose from in Illinois, where as the others are self-insured, this one appears to be fully insured, therefore the state mandate applies. I am in the process of confirming this with Lucent Tech.
Source: Email submission 2/25/02



Madison Metropolitan School District in Madison, WI: offers the following benefits, depending on which insurance carrier you choose:

Alliance PPO: 
In-Network: Charges limited to infertility diagnostic service only. Artificial insemination is excluded.
Out-of-Network:  Subject to deductible and co-insurance.  Charges limited to infertility diagnostic service only. Artificial insemination is excluded.

Group Health:
Covered within the limits of the policy. Please refer to certificate. Limited to 50% of Covered Expenses up to a Lifetime Benefits Maximum for each Member of $30,000 with a maximum payment by GHC of $15,000.

WPS Statewide PPO:
100% of charges limited to infertility diagnostic service only.
Submitted via email: 7-24-06


Marcus Evans (New York)
All IF tx including IVF (Aetna PPO). 6 cycles of fertility treatments are 100% covered ($20 copay). Cycles can be either IUI, IVF, GIFT etc. All meds are covered (even IVF meds) with a $5 or $15 copay. The insurance is expensive (app $300 per month for h/w) but a lot less then IF treatments.
Source: Email submission 3/7/01


Marriott (Maryland)
All IF tx including IVF (Kaiser Permanente); Kaiser covers 50% of infertility treatments and medications - patient pays the other 50%. IVF and associated medications are covered @50% copay; GIFT and ZIFT are not covered. Limitations on IVF: 3 cycles per live birth up to lifetime maximum of $100,000. Coverage required due to Maryland mandate. Adoption coverage is abysmal. If you get pregnant and have elected to participate in the short/long term disability insurance plan, then you are covered for ~ 6 weeks disability (whatever the doctor indicates is applicable to your case). However, if you do not have short/long term disability, you can either take PTO (vacation) or FMLA (up to 12 weeks unpaid). Fathers can only take PTO or FMLA. For adoption, there is no coverage whatsoever. Your choices are PTO (vacation) or FMLA. Marriott does not provide any assistance with adoption expenses. 
Source: Email submission 7/14/02


Mars Corporation
Source: INCIID LII post 6/7/00


Marsh McLennan/Mercer Human Resources Consulting
All IF tx including IVF (United Healthcare); caps infertility treatment at $15,000 lifetime max. Source: Email submission 11/2/02


Mary Kay (distribution center employees)
All IF tx including IVF
Source: Email submission 6/4/00


Maryland, State of (government employees)
All IF tx including IVF (three attempts for tubal, endo, or 2-yr history)
Source: Email submission (1/21/03) and RESOLVE of MD post 2/1/00


MasterCard International (New York)
All IF tx including IVF (United Healthcare); : Choice Plus plan offers 100% coverage for IVF and associated meds when using in-network doctors. Lesser coverage is available with out-of-network doctors.
Source: Email submission (3/11/03)


Mayo Clinic (Minnesota and Scottsdale, Arizona)
All IF tx including IVF (Mayo Comprehensive); infertility treatment covered at 50% - includes all. $5000 reimbursement for adoption expenses.
Source: Email submissions 4/2/03 and 4/26/01


Mendocino - Lake Comm - Artificial Insemination, Invitro,procedure to restore/enhance reversal of sterilization 10-28-04


Merck-Medco/Medco Health Solutions (Florida)
All IF tx not including IVF (Humana HMO); no longer offers IVF under their insurance plan, they do cover If dx,and Tx and will pay up to $2000 of tx 100% and then 50% thereafter; possible adoption coverage 
Source: Email submission 9/22/02, 8/20/02 and 9/18/00


Merrill Lynch (New York)
All IF tx including IVF (Empire)
Source: INCIID IVF WR post 5/18/00


Merrill Lynch (Ohio)
All IF tx including IVF (Blue Cross Blue Shield); 3 IVF attempts per liftetime.
Source: Email submission 4/17/01


Methodist Medical Center (Illinois)
Covers IF treatment including IVF; believe there is a $5,000 limit per year. Testing/Treatment covered but has the limited amount of coverage. Has a limit # amount on coverage (Employee Benefit Corp. - EBC)
Source: Email submission 6/30/00


All IF tx including IVF (three attempts plue three alternative (GIFT/ZIFT) attempts); 80/20 coverage through United HealthCare; meds through mail-order for $8 co-pay
Source: INCIID Pgw/Mult post 5/19/00


Metropolitan Jewish Health System (New York)
All IF tx including IVF (Oxford Health Plans); includes diagnosis, IUI, and one IVF (1 fresh, 1 frozen cycle). Does not include meds.
Source: Email submission 1/4/02


Metropolitan Transit Authority (NYC MTA)
Source: IVFConnections Financing IVF post 5/22/00


All IF tx including IVF (Aetna Preferred Plan covers up to $15,000 lifetime max for infertility services)
Source: Email submission 3/26/02


Miami Valley Hospital (Dayton, Ohio) has a fertility rider policy provided by the hospital when an employee carries their insurance through one of the hospital supported plans. The plan includes up to $15,000 lifetime limit, 50% drug costs, 75% IVF costs. (Email: 6-5-05)


Midwest Employers Casualty Company (Missouri)
All IF tx but not IVF (Cigna PPA); will cover costs of all testing and treatments administered. It will even pay 100% of cost for drugs given by the physician i.e. injectibles! It covers monitoring, etc.
Source: Email submission 8/16/00


Mirant Corporation (Georgia) ID dx but no treatment (United HealthCare and BlueCross/Blue Shield of GA); Both UnitedHealth Care and BCBS of GA cover IF diagnostic testing only under Mirant's plan. Clomid was paid, but no blood work or U/S, IUI or any other treatment. Source: Email submission 7/16/02


Monsanto (Missouri)
All IF tx including IVF (United Health Care); 2 IUI OR 2 IVF per person/per lifetime; also offers adoption assistance.
Source: Email submission 9/4/02


Monumental Life Insurance Co. / AEGON USA pays for IVF And all infertility related. (From an email dated 7-28-04)


Morgan Stanley (New York)
All IF tx including IVF; also offers adoption assistance.
 Morgan Stanley in NY has a 12K lifetime maximum on infertility benefits, and a 10K maximum on drugs.
Source: Email submission 8-26-08



National Instruments (Texas)
All IF tx including IVF (Great West)
Source: Email submission 5/27/02


The Nature Conservancy
All IF tx including IVF (Aetna); everything is covered including meds.
Source: Email submission 4/15/02


NCR Corporation (New York)
All IF tx including IVF (Cigna); three IVF tries maximum, but better than nothing! DE is covered as well, though not the DE fee.
Source: Email submission 5/10/03


New Jersey, State of (most government employees)
All IF tx including IVF
Source: INCIID PgFoyer post 5/18/00


New York, City of (Dept. of Correction)
All IF tx including IVF (Aetna US Healthcare, GHI); Cap on ART procedures, three per length of enrollment period, lifetime.
Source: Email submission 8/11/00


New York, City of (Fire Department)
All IF tx including IVF (GHI)
Source: INCIID IVF WR post 5/18/00


New York, City of (Police Department)
All IF tx including IVF (GHI). IVF covered w/a $10 co-pay. No IVF meds covered (Lupron, Gonal-F, Profasi). As of Jan2000, they pay for cryopreservation of embryos.
NOTE: You have to be very very careful with them as I learned from experience. I went to Cornell to have my IVF done. Although my Doctor was a GHI Doctor, all procedures are done and billed from CORNELL HOSPITAL. Because GHI is a patient/Doctor provider and not a HOSPITAL provider, they wouldn't cover it!
Source: Email submission 11/28/00


New York, State of (government employees)
All IF tx including IVF (Empire)
Source: INCIID IVF WR post 5/18/00


Norland Products (New Jersey)
All IF tx not including IVF (Oxford Liberty Plan D); the insurance plan covers office visits, bloodwork, ultrasounds, some meds (all non-injectibles), though not the actual retrieval/transfers.
Source: Email submission 5/20/02


Northeast Utilities (Connecticut)
All IF Tx including IVF (BlueCross Blue Shield of MA & Connecticare), covers 100% after payment of $10 copay. Covers diagnostic and approved surgical and medical treatments including IVF and IUI including meds.
Source: Email submission 12/27/01



OAO Technology Solutions
All IF tx including IVF
Source: Email submission 6/1/00


OfficeMax (Ohio)
Covers testing, IUI, oral meds (but not injectibles) Does not include IVF. (Aetna)
Source: Email submission 11/14/00


Oracle Corporation (California)
All IF tx including IVF (United Healthcare); Covers all infertility diagnosis and treatment, up to 20K lifetime max. However, since United Healthcare negotiates reduced costs with healthcare providers, that 20K can be stretched to 30-40K of actual care, since the negotiated rates are sometimes 40-50% less than what the providers charge initially.
Source: Email submission 6/8/02


OSF (Illinois)
OSF-HMO covers medication and testing. No coverage for tx-insem. or ART procedures. Hospital employees.

OSF-infertility coverage through EBC. Covers testing and treatment. Includes ART procedures. Check with deductibles/copays especially for treatment! Companies can purchase this insurance for their employees.
Source: Email submission 6/30/00



PAREXEL (North Carolina)
All IF tx including IVF (Blue Cross Blue Shield); Covers up to 6 IVF cycles. Offers $5000 for adoption.
Source: Email submission 5/15/02


Pearson Education (New Jersey)
IF tx: Infertility coverage covers most ART including IVF (United Healthcare). Monetary lifetime limit of $15,000. Adoption benefit up to $3500 for adoption related costs.
Source: Email submission 9/9/00


Peoria Civic Center (Illinois)
Testing & treatment of infertility covered; medications covered; use OSF hospitals (OSF HealthPlans)
Source: Email submission 6/30/00


PG & E: Services for diagnosis and treatment of infertility coverage includes the following 
procedures (for 2003): Artificial Insemination, In-vitro fertilization, Gamete (GIFT) and Zygote (ZIFT) intrafallopian transfer procedures $7,000 lifetime maximum whether in or out of network. $10Copay/100% in-network, 75% out of network after $200 deductible
IVF Medication covered under different plan, deductible with $500 out-of-pocket maximum per year. (11-3-03)


PPG Industries
All IF tx including IVF
Source: Email submission 6/23/00


Philips Health Care provides $15,000 lifetime max for all infertility. Medications are covered by a separate company not counted in the $15,000. 8-9-09

As of 7/1/05 covers all ART (Aetna), including IVF up to $25,000 lifetime max and $10,000 lifetime max on medications. Out-of-network covered at 70% after $500 deductible. Coverage the same under new BCBS plan effective 7/1/06.
Source: Email submission 7/10/06


Primedia, Inc. (New York)
All IF tx inlcuding IVF (Aetna). They cover any IF treatment up to a lifetime cap of $10,000. I only had to pay 20% + $300 deductible. $3,200 worth of IVF drugs were only $115!
Source: Email submission 4/12/01


Prime Tanning- Artificial Insemination, Invitro - except AK, HI, MD, MA 10-28-04


Proctor & Gamble (Ohio and possibly nationwide)
All IF tx including IVF (Various plans - infertility & adoption coverage is the same across all currently); For infertility, covers 80% of infertility services up to an annual maximum of $2500, 50% coverage on infertility drugs (no maximum). For adoptions, reimburses employees up to $5,000.00 per adoption for qualified expenses and up to $2,500.00 per child (50% of $5,000.00 benefit) for adoption fees. Up to a maximum of $15,000.00 will be paid under the Plan to any family during any 12-month period.
Source: Email submission 4/29/03 and FertileThoughts IVF post 6/4/00


Pro Health Care (Wisconsin) WPS health insurance covers IVF 70% up to $5,000 in a lifetime. (Email:5-14-05)



Source: INCIID LII post 6/7/00 



RBC Mortgage, parent company is RBC(Royal Bank of Canada) Financial Group. They have infertility coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield. The lifetime max benefit is $10,000--includes ART. Exclusions are tubal reversal and gender selection. Prescription drugs are covered 100% (minus copay) through Express-Scripts--this is an excellent coverage since drugs for IVF can run from $2500-$7000!! (email 1-7-04)

RBC Mortgage - The medications are covered with 35$ co-pay for injectables. Meds are covered at $10K lifetime max. The meds do not count towards the $10,000 max of the IF treatments. There is no limit to the number of times you do IUI Source. Email we received also stated, they covered donor egg with some work and appeal. ( email November 19, 2006)


Railroad Commission of Texas (State of Texas)
IF tx limited to no ART (IUI, IVF, etc.) (Blue Cross Blue Shield); no adoption benefits. Will cover infertility only if you will not have artificial insemination. Also does not cover any ART or any treatment prior to ART or after ART.
Source: Email submission 6/2/03


Raytheon (California)
All IF tx including IVF (Definity); $15000 lifetime limit for IVF.
Source: Email submission 10/6/02


RealNetworks, Inc. (Washington)
All IF tx including IVF (Regence Blue Shield); Covered in PPO Network at 90%, includes regular ART including but not limited to artificial insemination, IVF GIFT, ZIFT. Also covered is donor oocyte harvesting. Fertility drugs for subscriber, spouse, or oocyte donor are covered under the prescription drug card program.
Source: Email submission 5/24/02

Riceland foods inc in Arkansas:  Offers Blue cross and blue shield to its employees. And it covers infertility and ivf upto 15,000 lifetime max (email 2014)

RT Environmental Services.  It covers all testing and up to 4 IVF/FET with a 700 deductible each year.  Must have a two year history of ttc first.  Insurance company is Guardian.  All meds covered with 20.00 copay.  No lifetime max. (Email: 11-17-04)



Sabre Inc (Oklahoma)
All IF tx including IVF (United Healthcare "PPO Plan 1"); will cover 50% of all procedures up to $10,000 lifetime max. Dx is covered at normal office visit copays ($10/$20 specialist).
Source: Email submission 6/12/01


SAIC - Science Applications International Corp (California)
All IF tx including IVF (Aetna PPO - Company PPO through Aetna offers IVF coverage with a 5K maximum.)
Source: Email submission 1/21/03


Salomon Smith Barney
All IF tx including IVF (United Healthcare/Aetna/Oxford). United Health Care & Aetna $15,000 max lifetime -- 100% in network/70% out of network, Drugs too. Oxford $15,000 lifetime max ONLY in Network.
Source: INCIID IVF WR post 5/18/00 and Email submission 4/12/01


Source: INCIID Pgw/Mult post 5/19/00


Sapphire Technologies (Texas)
All IF tx including IVF (One Health Plan PPO). $5000 max lifetime; medications 120 day supply per year.
Source: Email submission 4/16/01


SAS Institute (Cary, NC)
All IF tx including IVF
Source: Email submission 6/23/00


Scholastic Corp cover IVF and IUI under United Health Care PPO with a lifetime max of $10,000 not including IVF medication - which is covered under prescription drugs. Source: Email submission 8-26-08


All IF tx (with HMO IL insurance plan only) Note: IL is a mandated state.
Source: INCIID Pgw/Mult post 5/19/00


Sears - Sears does not cover IVF, ZIFT,GIFT or IUI. (email 11-1-03)


Shand's Hospital (Florida)
All IF tx including IVF (BC/BS Florida); IVF Covered under the Shand's Basic Plan only. All IVF procedures must be done at the Shand's facility. $50,000 lifetime max (approx 7 tries).
Source: Email submission 8/1/02


Siebel Systems (California)
All IF tx including IVF (Blue Cross/Blue Shield); Coverage includes all fertility treatments; 25k lifetime max; includes all meds
Source: Email submission 10/8/02


Sogeti USA (Ohio)
No IF tx; $5K for adoption assistance
Source: Email submission 8/28/02


Sony (California)
No IF tx
Source: Email submission 8/13/02


South Carolina, State of (government employees)
All IF tx including IVF (one attempt) at 70% coverage; $15K lifetime coverage
Source: INCIID IVF WR post 5/18/00


As of Jan. 1 2004, Sprint will no longer be offering infertility treatments and they will not be covering infertility medication. Before 1-1-04 they paid for 100% of treatments up to lifetime max of $25,000. You only had to pay co pays. But due to the rising cost of healthcare, they have decided to eliminate infertility treatment. The only thing covered is some diagnostic testing. This will be for all 5 health plans that they offer. (email submission 12-2-03)


Southwestern Bell aka SBC (texas)
All IF tx including IVF (BCBS of IL is PPO) as well as adoption; not sure amount on adoption but on IF they cover 6 attempts all drugs have copay $10/$20 or $30 there is only $150 deductable a year everything else is covered. SBC has an 3 plans to choose from the PPO HMO and another not sure but from United Health Care.
Source: Email submission 5/29/03


Sprint PCS (All States with Sprint PCS)
All IF tx including IVF (Insurance: CIGNA - Indemnity (High or Low Deductible Plan), SprintChoice, SprintSelect). IF coverage is ANYTHING up to 25K per lifetime.
Indemnity Plan pays 80% of R&C charges after deductable 1) Low Plan $600/ind., $1200/family, annual out of pocket max. incl. deductable $1600/ind., $3200/family; 2) High Plan $1500/ind., $3000/family, annual out of pocket max. incl. deductable $2500/ind., $5000/family.

SprintChoice (PPO plan): In-Network 100%, $10/co-pay

SprintSelect (EPP plan): In-Network only, 100%, $10/co-pay
All four plans cover $25K maximum IF to include procedures for correction of IF, artificial insemination, IVF, GIFT, ZIFT, etc. Experimental procedures/treatment/drugs not covered.
Drugs are covered on separate drug plan, Express Scripts. Have verified following covered: Follistim, Gonal F, Lupron. 
We chose an out of network provider, and they are covering 70% after deductables. I don't know what the adoption benefit is, but I know we have one.
Source: Email submissions 2/24/02, 2/28/02, and 3/20/02 

Sprint PCS:  Offers adoption assistance (Email 4-21-05) 


Staples (Massachusetts)
All IF tx inclduing IVF (Cigna); these are for full-time employees only. Corporation will offer $4000-5000 towards an adoption. Cigna Healthcare out-of-network benefits offer $50,000 to cover ART. They do not cover donor eggs, ICSI, FET or cryoperservation.
Source: Email submission 3/22/03


Starbucks (Texas)
Adoption= $3000.00 per attempted or successful adoption, up to $9000.00 total. No ART coverage, but infertility drugs are covered.
Source: Email submission 1/4/01

Starbucks covers all diagnostic and medications for IUI and IVF.  They do not cover IVF treatments.  You have to be a full time employee or a 20hr a week part-time employee.  Aetna is their carrier. (Email 6-17-05)


State of Texas (Texas)
IF tx exclduing IVF (Blue Cross/Blue Shield); Covers diagnosis and some treatment of infertility with a 10% co-pay. Most services are covered under your $15 or $20 office visit (depending on the plan). Special services such as ultrasounds, etc. are covered at 90%. No IVF or Intrauterine insemination.
Source: Email submission 5/6/03


Sun Microsystems
All IF tx; $5K lifetime coverage
Source: INCIID IVF WR post 5/18/00


Symbol Technologies (Georgia)
All IF tx, including meds, ART max $10K (United Healthcare). None of my preliminary workup was taken from this max, only once the IVF began. This company is based in NY, but has offices in NJ, GA, FL (and maybe others).
Source: Email submission 10/28/00



Talbots (All States)
All IF tx including IVF (Cigna); Company offers Cigna HMO 3 IVF attempts, bloodwork, & ultrasounds. Plan offerred in all 50 states; must be Full-time or Part-time 'B'. Adoption expenses may be reimbursed up to $3,000 Source: Email submission 8/7/02; Meds for IVF not covered (Email received 11-19-06)


Tapp Pharmaceuticals (Illinois)
All IF tx including IVF; prior approval required! Humana only covers Tapp Pharmaceuticals and Abbott employees for IF coverage in IL.
Source: Email submission 6/30/00


All IF tx including IVF (three attempts for tubal, endo, or 5-yr history) with 80/20 coverage
Source: INCIID IVF WR post 5/18/00


Tellabs (IL): IF Coverage : 4K life time max and 6K for prescriptions (email 8-26-08)


Teradyne (company based in Mass.; coverage for all US-nationwide employees)
All IF tx including IVF (Cigna PPO/POS); up to 8 IUIs per lifetime, and 4 IVF/GIFT/ZIFT or more if medically approved. In-network $10 office visit, $5/$10 for Rx including injectables, surgery 100%. Out-of-network 80% coverage with $200 deductible to be met first, Rx 80% after $50 deductible, surgery 80% after deductible.
Source: Email submission 11/3/00


Time Warner Cable
All IF tx including IVF
Source: Email submission 6/23/00


Time Warner and all sub-companies offer ivf 3xs, IUI 3xs, 100% (email 2-1-06)


T Mobile: They offer 10K lifetime w/ 2,500.00 for meds. They cover infertility - including IVF, GIFT, ZIFT etc. (email submission 11-20-03)


Towers Perrin (Pennsylvania)
All IF tx including IVF (United Health Care); $10K per procedure/$20 lifetime. Towers Perrin has over 80 offices thru-out the country and multiple offices overseas. Please see for more inforamtion on office locations.
Source: Email submission 5/19/03


Tribune Company (Illinois)
All IF tx including IVF (Cigna HMO); 100% up to $35,000 lifetime maximum (plus $15,000 lifetime maximum for infertility drug coverage). $5,000 Adoption Assistance Reimbursement
Source: Email submission 11/3/02


TriHealth (Ohio)
All IF tx including IVF (Anthem HMO).
Source: Email submission 6/5/02


Tru-Serv (headquarters in Chicago, IL) Warehouse for True Value Retail Stores. However, according to Illinois law, you MUST live in Illinois to get the Infertility coverage. (From an email dated July 2004)

Travelers Insurance Co. (St. Paul) offers adoption assistance of $5,000 ( I think this can be tapped more than once) and a lifetime fertility benefit of $20,000 plus pays 50% of the cost of fertility drugs. Email (10-10-04)


TRW (Utah)
All IF tx excluding IVF (Aetna); Insurance covers meds, treatments, testing, everything EXCEPT harvesting and handling of eggs. TRW will reimburse up to $5000 of some adoption fees. Will not go to reimburse gifts to birth mother or travel.
Source: Email submission 4/12/01



Ukiah Unified School - Artificial Insemination, Invitro, reversal of sterilization 10-28-04


Uline, Inc., based out of Illinois, offers infertility coverage to all employees in all states. Employees must have 2 years of documented infertility. There is no dollar limit and you are allowed up to 4 IVF cycles for the first pregnancy, and 2 more for subsequent pregnancies, for a total of 90% coverage in-network, 70% out of network. Meds also covered.Uline's coverage is based on Illinois law but they extend it to employees who do not live in Illinois. (email 5-17-07)


United Parcel Service (UPS) (New York)
All IF tx including IVF (Aetna US Healthcare). As of January 1, 2003, will only cover 1 attempt per lifetime. Have to make sure you choose the hmo over the regular Aetna in order to get coverage. All meds covered 100% but must be from an authorized mail order pharmacy to be covered. 
Source: Email submission 1/10/03 and 3/1/02


The University of Phoenix (Apollo Group) in Philadelphia, PA offers fertility benefits to their employees through Cigna Healthcare PPO.  They offer $1000 deductible,  but afterwards all surgery, meds and IUI are covered.  IVF is not covered.  Email: 5-26-05


U.S. Government (federal employees)
Some IF tx covered through HMOs (Kaiser Permanente); IVF covered by Kaiser-Permanente HMO (DC, MD, VA) and MD-IPA HMO (DC, MD, VA)


US Oncology Associates: (BC/BS of TX) covers Infertility treatment & meds. Labs, u/s & office visits are covered under the copay. The retrieval & transfer are covered at either 10%, 15% or 20% of contracted rates depending which tier (there are 3) you choose. The majority of meds are covered at a $10, $35 or $50 copay (it does not cover progesterone). US Oncology has cancer centers throughout most of the United States. One just needs to call the cancer center to see if it is affiliated with US Oncology or go to it's website (Email: 3-10-05)



Verizon Wirless (Florida): All diagnostic/testing  and correction covered  . Injectibles not covered. IVF/GIFT/ZIFT not covered. $5000 adoption assistance (Email 4-21-05)


Verizon - Maine to WV (East Coast). $10,000 annual with a $20,000 lifetime cap. These figure includes any IF related procedures and meds.Verizon to your list. From Maine to WV (East Coast). $10,000 annual with a $20,000 lifetime cap. These figure includes any IF related procedures and meds. (Email submission 12-8-03)


Vision Enterprises (Illinois) All IF tx including IVF (Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois)
Source: Email submission 7/16/00


Source: INCIID LII post 6/7/00



Wake Forest Baptist Hospital (Winston-Salem NC)
All IF tx including IVF (lifetime max of $25,000, drugs lifetime max of $5,000)
Source: ParentsPlace IVF post (7/15/00)


All IF tx including IVF covers all States through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois (either the PPO or Traditional plan). The maximum benefit is $75,000/person for employees with less than 1 year of service, $150,000 with at least 1 year of service, and $250,000 for 2 to 5 years of service, and $850,000 for more than 5 years of service. You have to work 30 or more hours per week, and be employed 90 days before coverage begins. Medication is covered through Walgreen's. *THIS PRICE HAS CHANGED EFFECTIVE 3/1/02 -- AS FOLLOWS* Generics $5/30 day supply $10/90 day supply Preferred brand name 18.50/30 day supply 51/90 day supply Non-preferred brand $35/30 day $100/90 day supply. Fertility drugs will still be covered but most fall in the non-preferred brand category. 4 lifetime IVF attempts. *MAY* cover tubal reversal surgery.
Source: Email submission 1/3/03; 4/21/01; 3/1/02; 6/2/03


The Washington Post (Washington DC)
All IF tx including IVF (Aetna PPO, Alliance or Kaiser Perm.); 5k for adoption benefits, 10k for IVF ,GIFT, ZIFT
Source: Email submission 9/11/02


Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo covers infertility, up to diagnosis. It does not cover IUI, IVF, GIFT, ZIFT, or injectible drugs, except in states that mandate it. Possibly covers $5000 per adoption.
Source: Email submission 2/19/01


Westchester County (New York)
All IF treatement including IVF (through POMCO). Upto 3 IVFs including medications.
Source: Email submission 2/24/02


Wiley (book publishers), offers insurance that covers some infertility costs. All diagnosis/tests are covered. Surgeries (ie - laparoscopy, blocked tube, varicocele repair) are covered. IUI and IVF are not covered, but ultrasounds, bloodwork, and meds (including injectables) are covered. Meds have a co-pay of $35 for brand names. They also pay up to $5,000 of adoption expenses. Wiley's main office is in Hoboken, NJ, but there's also a large office in Indianapolis, IN. Source email 7-14-04


William Beaumont Hospital in michigan covers 5000 toward IVF. Email submission 9-24-04  

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (Pennsylvania)
All IF tx including IVF (Wyeth, Horizon Blue Cross of NJ); through Horizon BC's PPO plan - $30,000 lifetime max for any and all infertility including IUI& IVF. All meds (including injectibles) covered with $9 copay through Wyeth Prescription Plan. Wyeth Health Plan covers all infertility (including IVF) no limit at 80/20. HQ in PA, but offices all over the states and rest of the world.
Source: Email submission 8/26/02


Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and they provide IF coverage (all areas.) They have 3 insurance plans (one is even completely free) and all offer coverage for up to $25,000. The plans range from paying 80% to copays of $40. We found that the free plan pays 80% and that was actually the best deal for IVF.
2-14-04 (email)



Xerox Corporation (All States)
All IF tx including IVF (BCBS, United, Aetna). Coverage is provided in all the states where Xerox is located. Coverage is limited to 3 IUI and 3 ART (IVF, GIFT, and/or ZIFT) attemps per lifetime per insurance; treatments and medications are covered 100% with regular co-payments of 10-15$$. After 1 insurance is used up, changing insurances will give you the fresh start!
Source: Email submission 4/13/01


Xerox Corporation (New York)
All IF tx including IVF (3 cycles of ART per lifetime; 6 medicated cycles), United Healthcare insurance.
Source: Email submission 4/12/01


Xerox Corporation (Texas)
All IF tx including IVF (United Healthcare); UHC has a $500 per person deductible with a yearly max out of pocket of $5,000 per family. Covers 3 IUI or IVF procedures including drugs at 80%. They do not cover ICSI. Adoption assistance of $2,000 through the LIfe Cycle assistance program for employees with 5 years tenure or more.
Source: Email submission 4/12/01



Yale University
All IF tx including IVF (Blue Care (Blue Cross & Blue Shield)). 50% coverage of all IF tx's. $15,000.00 Max.
Source: Email submission 3/2/01


Young and Rubicam (Florida)
All IF tx including IVF (United Healthcare); $10,000 Lifetime Max for infertility coverage--can be used for any infertility treatment. Also offers adoption assistance.
Source: Email submission 8/14/02



Zurich Insurance (Kansas)
Dx and tx of conditions causing IF (Aetna; UHC); Covers IF drugs, including injectibles. Doesn't pay for ART or IUI. Will pay for max. 6 cycles of drug therapy (lifetime).
Source: Email submission 11/25/02 


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I'm the business operations manager for a small company based out of NY and am looking for guidance when it comes to implementing a policy that covers infertility treatment (and maybe also surrogacy/adoption/egg freezing, etc.). Thus far I have not been able to find any supplemental insurance or drug/treatment discounts that suit our needs. New York doesn't appear to have a great market for this for individuals or a company as small as ours (30 people). I've spoken with brokers who confirmed this (though I'm of course open to additional information). Rather what I think I'd like to propose to our leadership and CFO is a flat-rate allowance for treatment. But I want to think through what constitutes fair policy both for our employees and for the company in a nuanced way and I want to make sure that the financial support we're offering is informed by the actual cost of infertility treatment. Seeing as you have put together a compendium of companies that offer infertility benefits, I wanted to touch base to see if you have any resources in this regard. Thanks, Elise 646-213-9822

Covered through Cigna: Covers 80% including medication. No limitations or Maximums.

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