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Corona Funk

Illustration of snow falling and gingerbread houses, and masked snowman and gingerbread character

Corona Christmas and Chanukah --


A Holiday Time Like no Other in our Time. By Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD

I've always been a self-starter.  I never lacked for some project to dive into, whether by obligation or by interest.  Until now. 

I've already knitted an afghan blanket for everyone I know and love who can still fog up a mirror.  Yeah, there's the book-club book, staring at me from the coffee table.  Of course, if you wanna eat, there's always the obligatory trip to the supermarket, and from the supermarket to the stove.  That is unless ennui prevails, and then the effort goes into deciding on and dialing for take-out if that's an option in your neck of woods.  And not until the threat of running out of underwear becomes real do I override the ennui and take off for the laundry room. 

So what happened to Self-Starter Me?  And maybe you?

I remember hearing about the pandemic of 1918.  Who woulda thunk that we'd be living through a pandemic in this "advanced" age of miracle medicine in the 'first world' US of A?  But here we are, at the mercy of a microscopic enemy.

Much of life goes on, albeit virtually, which is a boon.  Yet, if you're like me, there's nothing like the real thing.  For instance, I'll be participating in the annual but this year virtual Evolution Conference for mental health practitioners.  Missing will be the meet-and-greet so enjoyed by me and my colleagues who in years past have harkened from all corners of the world. 

What substitutes have been mandated in your world?    

I greet my husband every day with the comment, "Good morning.  It's another Dayday."  While it is true that Suspended Animation shall eventually pass, meanwhile, it's best to be thankful for what we've got: an on-line substitute for the real thing, with colleagues, friends and relatives.    

So.  What would give you a sense that you will survive this pandemic?  Do any of us need to add to, or polish up our coping skills at this time like no other?  There's a saying, "Move a muscle, change a mood."  Perhaps we should invent a Funky Corona Funk dance.  It could become a craze that relieves the craziness you might be feeling.  Imagine -- Zoom parties where everyone is wearing a mask and 'funky-ing' around! 

The holidays can be a mixed bag.  This year, if we respect the request to hunker down with our "pod", the holidays could feel like a wedding without a bride.  Given the socially requested limitations, what could happen if we called upon our creative juices?  How can we make the best of the reality right down to watching a virtual nutcracker, leaving cookies and milk for a Santa who will have to zoom down the chimney via Zoom, or maybe a virtual game of Dreidel? 

Fortunately, at least we have the United States Postal Service.   

I sincerely hope that anyone reading this is healthy, either having dodged the corona bullet or having safely recovered.  

Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD


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