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Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. Registration information is NEVER sold, leased or loaned to anyone although we are often asked to do so. Truthful application with verifiable information is part of the agreement you make when you apply to interact on our forums. False or incomplete application information is grounds for immediate and permanent account suspension. INCIID has a very strict privacy policy.
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Terms of Service (TOS)

Please read complete terms of use for the INCIID Website before posting

Sharing Resources, Files, or Other Material

Members will not upload, post, email or otherwise transmit any content that is copyright protected or:
  • unlawful,
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  • slanderous,
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  • defamatory,
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  • invasive of another's privacy,
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  • or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

ALL posts on INCIID forums and site are copyright protected. Any content uploaded to INCIID becomes INCIID property. No information may be copied from INCIID and posted elsewhere on INCIID or any where else without written and express permission form INCIID. Violations of any of the terms of service may mean permanent account suspension from INCIID as well as legal actions deemed appropriate by INCIID legal department.

Making a donation to INCIID

There are a number of contribution, donation / membership support levels and ways to donate to INCIID You will find donor levels detailed on the donation / support us / membership form.

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