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INCIID currently provides users with access to a rich collection of on-line resources and other community members struggling with infertility, pregnancy loss, adoption and also parenting after infertility.

Use of INCIID constitutes acceptance of the Policies, Guidelines, the INCIID Disclaimer, and all administrative or moderatoring decisions or instructions. The rules of this website are not up for debate. Emails or posts that are deemed to be disrespectful of any moderator, volunteer, community member or staff member are cause for permanent suspension.

When you register and join the community, you are automatically placed on our Community mailing list. The community list is one used to communicate directly to members via email and in print. You will generally receive no more than one or two communications per month. Email blasts to community members are sometimes sponsored by companies, clinics, and other groups. These sponsorships help support INCIID and keep the majority of our programs and services free to the public.

If you wish to leave the INCIID community please contact us and ask to have your account priviledges removed.


Be aware that it is YOUR responsibility to follow all rules and all I-Host/forum moderator instructions. Keeping the rules is what makes INCIID a safe and peaceful community. The INCIID TOS are enforced.
If you disagree with the guidelines, policies, and/or rules DO NOT USE the website.

INCIID reserves the right to pull any note it feels violates the spirit or intention of the guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to: bickering, fighting, juvenile behavior, rudeness to staff or other members, misinformation, name calling, gossip, foul language or abusive behavior toward other members, volunteers or staff. Any abusive, rude, or harassing behavior directed toward other members and/or INCIID volunteers or staff will warrant an immediate and possibly permanent suspension of account privileges. INCIID is a very large and busy place so while we may want to give feedback on removed post, it may not be possible to do so.

Community Basics

INCIID currently provides users with access to a rich collection of on-line resources. It also provides networking with other community members struggling with the similar issues of infertility, pregnancy loss, adoption and child free living. Many of our members stay with us after resolving their issues and/or completing their families in order to help others who are still struggling. INCIID also provides support within our "family" for those parenting after infertility.

With a such a large community comes individual responsibility to treat everyone with respect. Please always think before you act on or react to a post.

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