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Default Been thinking a lot about this discussion

I still stand by my belief that too often doctors slap a label on a kid and hand out medicine as an easy fix. That said, I never meant to imply that children that truly needed medication shouldn't be treated and those that have such a child are bad parents. In rereading what I wrote I see how that could be inferred.

My sister has a 17yo boy that she is having all kinds of problems with. They took him to a psychiatrist who labeled him as having adhd after a 1 hour conversation with my nephew and 2 hours with my sister and her husband. Gave a script for a drug. In my opinion that is utterly ridiculous. He has a new girlfriend and she is taking over his life because she is having sex with him and they are smoking pot.

That is where my post came from. I'm truly sorry to anyone I offended here.

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