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    Default Question about OT sessions...

    DD has now had weekly OT sessions since about November. We've seen a huge improvement in her, especially since the OT has given DH and I a number of ideas for how to help her when she gets worked up or upset. School was a much easier transition than I thought (yay) and DD seems a LOT better at self-controlling her SID issues. A good example of this is her sensory box (fishing tackle box with LOADS of sensory toys in it.) I told her she could bring ONE toy a day to school with her and put it in her backpack if she needed it. I very quickly discovered that she has been weighing down her backpack (already heavy) with the toys. When I questioned her, she explained she doesn't play with them during school (doesn't feel she needs to) but that she likes a "heavy pack' to wear on the way to and from school. So she's kinda worked this out for herself, which is great.

    So onto my question! She's having once a week OT through February, because school is only 4 days a week, so she has OT on their free day. When she goes back to school full time in March, what do I do about OT? She seems so much "better" now - I'm loathe to end OT. At the same time, I also think she can probably do without it for now. I guess I'm just not sure when OT should effectively "end." As an additional therapy we've enrolled her in gymnastics - which she adores as it involves trampolining, lots of bouncing, jumping, hard pressure and other sensory things (landing on mats, swinging on uneven bars, forward rolls, etc). How do I "know" if this is enough for her? We just basically started OT based on advice I saw here - so now I need advice on knowing when enough OT is enough. If the decision is to keep her in OT (and I'll consult her teacher and trhe OT herself) - how do I work this around school? I think after school she'll just be too exhausted to put much into it.

    Questions, questions...thanks everyone for any input.

    Michelle + 5 yo DD, SID and god knows whatelse

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    Default For us

    I'm going on the advice of our OT plus what I see at school and at home. I'm looking to resolve as many SID issues as possible before going it alone. We will probably end in 3-6 months which will make it a little over 1 1/2 years of OT.

    During school, we have done two things. For a long time our appt was in the morning so I'd drop Sierra off 45 minutes late for school. Now it's in the afternoon so I pick her up right after school. It works well and she really needed the support during school. Huge transitions and changes and also the academic support.

    I don't know if it's helpful for you to hear what we have done and what I expect from the future. I'm so glad OT has helped so much and that you have some great programs that are helping her!


    PS.... Sierra could probably do without OT right now, but our OT is working on her hand writing and also giving her some support since if she has a substitute teacher or if anything changes, she has a really hard time adjusting.

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    Default So...m

    My 7 year old ds had OT from age 2-3 then again at age 4 through 7 for SID. When ds started kindergarden I stopped OT because I thought he was ready. But with in two weeks of stopping he started to bite and hit again. So we started up OT again for another year and when 1st grade started we stopped. He then started up his old habits of hitting and bitting so back to OT. We finally stopped this past summer and so far so good.

    If you do decide to continue OT when school starts try to get it on Mondays or Tuesdays. We had it on Monday mornings at 8am this really helped mellow him school week.


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    My ds Grant is 7, he still recives OT, but only 1x a week. They do not address Offically SID, though the OT does offer suggestions to help in school setting. We stopped additional private OT at age 4.

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