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Thread: A Gentle Reminder about Posting on Parents' Night Out

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    Default A Gentle Reminder about Posting on Parents' Night Out

    A Reminder for Posts on Parentsí Night Out

    As Parentsí Night Out is a parenting forum, it is not necessary to put a header in a thread when children are mentioned, however, we do ask that you think about the following before posting on PNO:
    • Kid(s) pics for the sake of showing them off should go on the appropriate parenting board.
    • Questions and/or discussions about parenting issues go on appropriate parenting board (sick kids, school questions, discipline, etc.)
    • Brags go on the appropriate parenting boards.
    • Links to the posts to/from PNO are okay in any situation (with headers if you are linking to an IF forum or pregnancy forum).
    Posts will be re-directed and the threads that belong on another forum will be locked. Posts will not be pulled unless they are in clear violation of the Terms of Service -- politics, profanity, links, etc.) We reserve the right to pull any post.

    Questions? Send an email using the contact form:

    Thank you,

    INCIID's Parenting Hosts
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