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Thread: Welcome to the new PCOS forum

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    Ha it wasn't even really a sad song!I think you would have more confidence in what's going on if you saw another dr. Its sounds like you need to find a dr. that will give you encouragement when you lose some--even if you need to lose more. We have a garden in the summer, too. And hubbie and I both lose weight in the summer. We are a lot more active in the summer--this summer I want to learn how to slalom--I gain the weight steady except when I'm taking hormones then it packs on fast. Lupron made me quite puffy. I had a follicular ultrasound. For anyone who has read this dr. report elsewhere-sorry! I'll just email it to you!

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    Today many women are suffering from this ovarian syndrome. I am glad that this site gives best professional health tips to overcome such disorders.

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