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    My RE has put me on Arimidex & BCP for the next month or two until we can begin IUI or IVF. This is after recently undergoing a laparascopy. I am also on Metformin as I have PCOS/ovarian cysts in addition to endometriosis.

    I was interested in getting more information on the Arimidex & BCP treatment; most everything I find involves clinical trials and studies or relates to post-menopausal breast cancer survivors. I cannot find anyone else on the message boards I frequent that has heard of it.

    My first question is what side effects are normal? The first few days I took this medication I felt horrible; almost like I had the flu but did not. I seem to be adjusting; though I still feel unwell off and on. Also, I started taking the medications on the first day of my cycle. I had regular menstrual flow but have continued to spot (it's been 5 days since heavier flow has stopped); is this normal and will it continue?

    My second question is whether this treatment is used to "prepare" my body for IUI/IVF? Is it similar to any other meds?

    Any information you can provide that would help me understand it better would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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    Default Arimidex and BCP

    Honestly I am not sure what this would accomplish besides BCP alone. I would be happy to review your records and advise accordingly. Might I recommend that you call us at 877-665-BABY and set up a free in-person or telephone consultation with me at SIRM-Dallas.

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