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Thread: Oh, no! I'm getting a Bonnie Raitt, skunk stripe!

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    I have auburn hair and the same stripe, although I color it. I'll tell you the best advice I got from a hairdresser, though. She said not to use red hair dye, because if your hair is already red, it will turn purple/burgundy/magenta. She advised me to use light golden brown, and I tell you, it works! I color it myself, and it turns out almost exactly what it was before the gray started. The light golden brown brings out the red, so I end up with auburn. You might need a slightly different shade if your hair is flaming red, perhaps a lighter blonde, but nonetheless you can avoid that burgundy hair.

    For the record, though, I think the skunk stripe looks awesome on Bonnie Raitt and probably does on you, too!

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    It is glad to hear that and thanks for your sharing. I like the burgundy hair styles very much. Actually I had the similar situation like you, the color from red to purple, but later I found that the final Dark purple burgundy loose lock is also amazing so I decide to keep it.

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    I am simply snickering at you culling those hairs out! Seriously, I have had a great deal of dim throughout recent years, yet nobody USA Assignment Writing Service appears to see aside from me or in the event that I call attention to out

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