Hello! Thank you!

Just wondering what you think of this HSG?

AFTER my IVF pregnancy I was diagnosed with a uterine abnormality. This was also after a lot of infertility testings - two sonohyst, two HSG's, two DNC's, two hysteroscopies, 6 IUI's, etc. No clue how it was missed with all the medical procedures.

Anyway-after the successful IVF, my RE found something strange at the U/S check and thought I was having a corneal ectopic pregnancy but was not sure. He sent me to a peri ASAP and she dianosed me with either a bicorneal uterus or septated. She said to have OB check at the c/s. At the c/s the OB said "bicorneal uterus"-no septate noted.

After the birth I requested another HSG for any further info. Photo is above. The center is a little larger due to the HSG balloon.

I took the pic to my RE as a follow up. He said it is more "arcutate" vs. bi-corneal.

My daughter had IUGR but is doing well. I went to term (37 weeks) but did develop PE on the 37th week. She was breeched (c/s was decided early on so not a big deal), uterine notch, and a margional cord insertion on the side.

I am just wondering:

1) Arcuate? Do you agree? It may not even matter at this point since septated was eliminated at the c/s. I am just curious since it was such a shock when discovered to ALL involved.

2) Cause of my undiagnosed IF? My RE said "no" - I am sure that is correct.

3) The margional cord insertion--related to the uterus shape or just random. Just wondering if it will happen again?

4) I am 100% assume next baby will be IUGR. Agree?

THANK YOU for your time!