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Thread: clomid and a prayer

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    Default clomid and a prayer

    my husband and i have been ttc for almost 3 yrs. we found a oby/gn that is trying to help us. i have been on clomid with monitoring for the last 3 months. I pray everyday that God will give us a baby. I know it has to be on his time. I know God has a plan for us.
    Is anyone out there also on clomid?

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    Default Not on Clomid but...

    I just wanted to encourage you that yes the timing is up to God but know that one of His promises described in Deuteronomy 28:11 is that "The Lord will grant you (us) abundant prosperity in the fruit of yours and my womb....". Whenever you're having what I call a "low moment" pick up the Bible and read that again and again. It will encourage and bless you. My husband and I have been ttc for 8 years. That verse has brought me through the low moments. Hang in there and know that IT IS God's Will for you to have children. He said it in His Word.

    -Tina in VA

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    Default No clomid but...

    I am not on Clomid but I do pray. I will pray for you and Tina and all others who long for children. May God bless you with children.

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    Thumbs up Clomid & Prayer

    Hi! I was on clomid last year for three months. We did 3 IUI's and had a successful pregnancy, but I lost the baby 8 weeks along. That was my first pregnancy ever, and it was SO hard. My husband and I will be starting again in August until we can afford an IVF, or unless God blesses us with a child before that :-).... I do know how you feel. I had NO problems on clomid, although I know it is different for everyone. The first two months I took 2 pills from day 3-8 (I think they were 50mg each). I had two eggs those months. The last cycle, I took 3 pills, days 3-7, and that month we had four eggs and I conceived.

    I have prayed, and continue to pray, and believe we can pray for each other. A GREAT book that has helped me through this journey is Hannah's Hope. I recommend it to ANYONE! May your journey be blessed, His timing be perfect, and the patience to the end be peaceful.

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