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Thread: Sonohysterogram when an HSG was clear?

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    Default Sonohysterogram when an HSG was clear?

    My RE wants me to have a sonohysterogram (saline ultrasound?) despite my HSG being totally clear a couple of months ago. I have been having spotting a lot over the past year but not on cycles where I ovulate only on the cycles where I don't. So I thought it must be hormonal. I guess my question is, is the sonohysterogram really so different from an HSG that I would need to have both so close together? Does the sonohysterogram tell a different story than an HSG?

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    The HSG evaluates normalcy of the uterine cavity and the fallopian tubes. The sonohysterogram evaluates the normalcy of the uterine cavity.

    In my practice, if the HSG was done well, properly showed the uterine cavity and was "normal", then I don't generally do the sonohyst.

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