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Thread: When to see an Fertility specialist?

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    Default When to see an Fertility specialist?

    My husband and I have been trying to concieve since sept 2008. I am 26 and he is 28. We have been using a fertility montor to track ovulation since Nov and we were using OPKs before that. My cycle range from 24 to 28 days and I believe my Lutual Phase is 12 days. I am thinking it may be time to see someone for testing.

    The only issue i have ever had is, back in 2005 I had the LEEP done because of precanerous cells. But i have had 2 paps a year since then and everthing came back normal.

    My question is, should I make an appointment to see a specialist or should I wait til we hit the one here mark?

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    The LEEP procedure runs a small possibility of damaging the mucus producing cells in the cervix. The mucus is critical for helping the sperm fertilize the egg. Having normal Pap smears since a LEEP procedure tells us nothing about the mucus production or quality, so you may want to consider seeing a qualified fertility specialist sooner rather than later.

    Hope this helps!
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