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Thread: accepting the concept of donor eggs

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    It's funny to read how your husbands have to think of it. My husband is totally gung-ho. It's me who has doubts. Even so, we chose a donor (a friend of ours) and are scheduled to transfer in late May. It has been a roller coaster of emotions. I'm with the other poster who says she just let herself "feel."

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    Default Resource - podcasts on egg donor issues

    This is something I struggled with also.

    I would like to suggest this resource for great podcasts on this topic:

    It really helped me process many of the issues surrounding it and listening to
    women that have gone through it.

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    Default it's so worth it (kids ment'd)

    we used ds so i can't speak for eggs but honestly......biology means nothing when that baby is born...all you feel is love......i pray you are successful as this was posted a while ago but i just want to give hope to anyone thinking of using donor will be amazed at how your heart just fills with LOVE once you hold your baby and you will not be thinking about biology ..... I won't lie: once in a while it will come up (we always get asked why our sons are so big when we're so small but other than that ... it's not much of an issue) ~ I would hate for anyone to shy away from donor anything .... it's so worth the end husband is adopted fyi so maybe that's partially why we're so open to donor sperm.......i wonder though how i'd feel if i was faced with using donor egg but honestly i think i'd be just fine if it gave me the chance to have a baby! nothing but the best to you !!!!!!!!!! lots of love ......

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