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Thread: Age at onset of symptoms? (child mentioned)

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    Question Age at onset of symptoms? (child mentioned)

    I was, finally, diagnosed with endometriosis at age 33 and had a hysterectomy and bowel surgery a month later. I had lower pelvic pain starting at about age 8. I had my first pelvic exam at age 9 and a bunch of different diagnosis between that time and age 33. I ended up having two ectopic pregnancies and tons of scar tissue. After talking to my mom, she says that she also started having pelvic pain at a young age. Although she started menses at age 9 and I was 11. She also had a hysterectomy at a young age (27). Although she was not diagnosed with endometriosis, she was told that there were abnormal cells on her uterus (this was in 1972).
    My 8 year old daughter is now complaining about the same symptoms that I had. It is painful for her when her bladder is full or if there is alot of gas moving through her intestines. Is it possible that she has endometriosis already? I really don't want to put her through a pelvic exam. If it is a possibility, are there things we can do now that will help (diet, supplements etc?).

    Rae Ann Fritsche
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    Wow I am sorry to hear that. Eight would be very early for endo. Too early to treat medically as well. I am not sure what to recommend. If she has pain with her periods, once she enters puberty, she will need laparoscopy to establish a diagnosis and start her on BCP. Hope that helps. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional questions.

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