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    Dr. Roseff,

    I took my 5th round of Clomid this month. I did 100 mg this month as well as last month (the other 3 cycles were at 50 mg). Last month, I also did Ovidrel and had an IUI 2 days later. Unfortunately, the IUI did not work. I had 3 mature follicles during that cycle.

    I just had my cd14 ultrasound this morning and found out that I have 5 follicles. 4 of them were in one ovary and were all very large (mid 20's). The one on the right was 14.

    My Dr. was unavailable today so a Dr. from a different practice did the test. He asked the nurse if my Dr. normally cancels when this many follicles develop and she said "it depends." This new Dr. warned me that my Dr. may end up cancelling the cycle and advise my husband and I not to have intercourse for the next few days.

    I got a call later in the day from the nurse saying she had spoken with my regular doctor and he is ok with me proceeding with my IUI this month. I am supposed to do my Ovidrel trigger tonight then have my IUI on Tues. a.m.

    I am a little worried now about the possibility of having multiples especially since that other Dr. seemed concerned. Granted, I did not get pg last month when there were 3 follicles so that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Also, this other Dr. does not know me or my history. But still, I am concerned.

    What are the odds of multiples with 5 follicles? Is it "dangerous" to proceed with an IUI with this many follicles? was discovered that my FSH level is a 13 so my egg quality is declining. I'm 35 and have been pregnant before (one resulted in a live birth and the other was a miscarriage). So in other words, I am capable of getting pregnant.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but I posted that I would be away at the annual ASRM Fertility Meeting....

    Certainly, the more eggs someone ovulates the greater the odds of a multiple pregnancy. There haven't been any studies published that I'm aware of, though, that quantify the odds of multiples in women aged 35 who take Clomid and ovulate 5 follicles with a baseline FSH of 13, so there's simply no way to answer your question.

    As an aside, if a woman ovulates properly on 50 mg of Clomid, studies show (and the package insert for Clomid clearly states) there's no advantage of going up to 100 mg in subsequent cycles....

    Hope all works out well for you,
    Dr. Roseff in Florida
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