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Thread: u/s and heart rate question

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    Default u/s and heart rate question

    I am currently 9 wks pregnant and just went for my 3rd u/s scan yesterday. On my second u/s they found that they baby was a measuring 7.4 mm with a HB of about 130. At that time he also found a very large SCH measuring approximately 3x4 cm. I was placed on bedrest for 2 weeks and went for a follow-up scan yesterday. The SCH has not increased in size and according to my RE appears to be liquefying which he told me is a sign that the body i trying to take care of it and that it should hopefully begin to reabsorb or drain out. The CRL measured just over 2 cm and baby had a HR or 147.

    My question is this. It seems that for this gestational age baby is continuing to measure a little small and the HR is lower than expected. It seems like many of my friends on various forums have HR in the 160-170's at this gestational age. Is this a cause for concern? The dates of the pregnancy are not in question as I conceived via IVF. Could this be an indicator of problems or is this still within the range of normal variability at this stage. Thank you

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    You have to ask your doctor if those measurements are normal for their center. Fetal growth and development can vary so there's a normal range that the doctor should have listed in their clinic...

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