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I so agree that it's easier to slap a label than deal with behavior issues. We need more parenting, not more drugs.

Are you only opposed to medication for issues that occur in the brain, or are all organs of the body also an issue? I take thyroid medication every day - am I being "labelled," or do I just need something that for whatever reason my body cannot produce? My husband takes cholesteral medication every day. Maybe he should just tough it out and die young like both of his parents? I get really really really tired of the prejudice against people who have issues with their brains. The only "labelling" taking place is from those who want to make people feel ashamed for having a disorder of the brain.

FYI, ADHD medication doesn't work if you don't have ADHD. ADHD is a disorder of UNDER stimulation in the brain, hence the need for a stimulant to make the connection that the brain can't make on it's own. If a child without ADHD takes the medication, they will bounce off the walls, contrary to many people's ignorant belief that it makes children zombies. By stimulating my son's brain to make that final connection, he can THINK, he can FOCUS, he can learn like any other child. Would you think to take prescription lenses away from a nearsighted child? Because that's what happens when you take away this very necessary chemical from children with ADHD.

I am pleased to see the other posters weigh in on the amazing transformation we have all seen in our children, and I thank the lord that science can help our children be the best they can be.

And FYI, I'm an excellent parent who loves my son more than life. It's pretty offensive that you assume that parents who do their homework and put their faith in Doctors are bad parents.