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Thread: Bulimia and pregnancy

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    Default Bulimia and pregnancy

    Could purging a few times during pregnancy harm my baby? I am worried..?

    I have had very mild symptoms of bulimia before pregnancy. After I was pregnant I gained too much weight (I am 22 weeks now but I have already gained close to 25 pounds). On few occasions, I have lost control, and I have induced vomiting (almost three or four times since I found out I was pregnant). I know this was irrisoponsible but I thought it was no big deal until I have read that builimia can cause still birth and prematurity. Could this self induced vomiting have harmed my baby? I do take care of my nutrition and drink a lot of fluids. I feel so guilty I don`t want to do it again but I want to make sure I have not caused any harm to my baby since I have been ttc since five years. Thanks.

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    Dear Newbie,
    I am so very sorry that it took me so long to respond. Rest assured, that though you do need to avoid any further episodes, the activity that you describe is extremely unlikely to have harmed your pregnancy. I do hope that I can encourage you to discuss your situation with your OB and consider meeting with a nutritionist if it would be helpful. Please take a moment to let me know how you are and if i can help by clarifying matters any further.

    Best thoughts,

    Robert Greene, MD, FACOG
    California IVF Fertility Center

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    I don't believe you caused your baby much harm, but you need to make sure it won't happen again. Try to concentrate on what's beneficial for the baby (decorating a room, maybe, or learn how to take care of a little one with the help of role-playing games).

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