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Thread: Gastrointestinal Endometriosis??

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    Default Gastrointestinal Endometriosis??

    I am 26 and usually when I got my period I could go out and dance and feel like I didn't even have it. But two years ago I started developing strange symptoms and pains that would leave me a week stuck indoors. Between periods but not every month I would get a sharp and agonizing side pelvic pain that would extend to my hip, lower back and down my leg. The only thing I could do is lie down and take strong medication to ease the pain. The doctors didn't give me any explanation on what it could be and said maybe I have back problems since my spine is slightly curved.

    A few day before my period I start getting the period pains and when it finally arrives I feel like I have an irritable bowl syndrome that lasts until my period is finally finished. I get a lot of painful gas, sharp pains that make me run to the toilet only to have gas, mucus and blood like my period! coming out. I always feel a constant pressure on my pelvic area. I can't eat while I have my period, it seems to make the symptoms worsen.

    After a week of terrible pain it starts getting better but doesn't go away and I still get brown blood for a week after my period stops. I still get painful bowl movements and discomfort in the pelvic area when I don't have my period. But the pain is not as bad as when I get my period.

    I don't know what to do. The only thing the doctors do is give me gas pills and strong pain killers. The pain killers do help the pain but it is still there. And I think I shouldn't be taking a lot.

    I read on the internet that it could be endometriosis and the only way to find out is to go under surgery which I am not keen of doing. Also I am getting married next year and don't want to have any problem having children.

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    Because the severity of the pain affects your life, I advise you get a laparoscopy to determine the cause. Endo is a great mimicker and the location of the pain not very good at pointing the location. If the LS is negative, you need a GI work up next. Hope you feel better soon.

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