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Thread: HCG Anxiety

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    Default HCG Anxiety

    I'm new to the board and really could use some support about my Beta HCG results.

    LMP: 1/21/12
    Mid cycle ovarian pain: 2/6 - 2/9

    First Beta: 2/20 was 22
    Second Beta: 2/22 was 57
    Third Beta: (After some spotting) 3/2 was 799

    I also had a had a Ultrasound on 3/2 and it didn't show anything in the uterus which would be expected with a Beta so low. I have to go back this monday because the Dr wasn't to happy about the results.

    Any Advise? Am I worrying for nothing?

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    Any update lmarie? Sorry the delay in responding! Hope you are still around!

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