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Thread: Weekly check in 3-19-12

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    Default Weekly check in 3-19-12

    Hi Everyone! Hope you had a good week. I'm down 2 lbs, and FINALLY back in the 140s, so I'm really smiling today. I've now lost 20 lbs! My official WW goal is only 2 lbs away, but I really hope I can go further.

    I drank way too many glasses of wine on St. Patrick's Day, but I only picked at the food, so it didn't hurt me (well, my head hurt a little the next day). Exercise last week was good, but the weekend was a bust - just couldn't find time to fit it in.

    2.5 weeks and DS and I are off to Florida. I'm still not looking forward to the bathing suit, but the biggest thrill is my old clothes are all fitting now, and I am down to my smallest jeans. Yay!


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    Pleaky - good job on the weight loss and have a great time in Florida, you'll look great :-)

    As for me, I was down a little at WI on Friday and officially changed my goal weight to 148, I weighed in at 147.6, so now I'm on WWs maintenance, adding 6 points to my daily food intake, which is tough getting used to after eating less for the past 14 months, but I'll try to manage.

    Actually this week I'm trying to stay around where I have been eating because I'd like to lose a little more while on maintenance, see if I can get to 145, if not, no biggie.

    Beautiful weather on tap so I hope to get out and walk a lot, but I do feel like a spring cold is coming on :-(

    Have a good one all!

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    I am up .25 lb this week. That isn't bad all things considering I have had a HORRIBLE week. I think I may be cursed. It borders on the comical. I might be cracking up. I'm going to get myself a cheeseburger for lunch and I don't even care.

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