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    Red face Fertility Cleanse

    I am 31 and have had 3 failed IVF cycles (started when I was 26), due to egg quality issues. What are your thoughts on doing a fertility cleanse? In theory they make sense I am just not sure about the mounting costs and the additional stress/anxiety it can bring. Thoughts would be much appreciated thanks!

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    Dear Fertility Cleanse,
    You are correct that the theory of a "fertility cleanse" sounds good. In reality however, there is little data on their effectiveness or their safety. For instance, heavy metals are something that our body naturally locks away in bone tissue where it is isolated and unable to cause harm to the brain, nerves or a developing fetus. If it were suddenly all released at once--which current technology suggests is not possible--it could create damage as it travels through the blood stream and before it exits your body. So although I do agree that it is worthwhile to stop exposing yourself to new toxins and let your body gradually release those that you've stored, I am reluctant to encourage anything that might hasten the process unless their is established data that it is both safe and effective. If you know of such data, please share it with me as I would be eager to learn more.
    Best thoughts,

    Robert Greene, MD, FACOG
    CNY Fertility Center

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