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Thread: You know what's kinda fun?

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    Default You know what's kinda fun?

    Going back through old Soapbox postings and reading our various opinions on what were current events at the time and comparing it to how things turned out. Examples:

    - What bailing out AIG or the auto industry would do to the economy
    - The choice of Sarah Palin as VP
    - The different election predictions

    We are a pretty insightful group.

    Looking back through the old presidential campaign posts is particularly fun. For some reason, this election cycle just doesn't seem as exciting. Maybe because there is no fresh blood. Obama is old news and hasn't Mitt been running for president for like two decades? Maybe Mitt will pick for vp someone totally out of the blue like McCain did that will jazz this race up a bit. (j/k - no way is Mitt going to pick anyone that is remotely exciting... )

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    Default I really enjoyed those heady days

    I enjoy reading the opinions people whom I respect, but don't necessarily agree with. What fascinates me about this group is how diverse we are. It's a bit strange that through the common ground of infertility, we managed to form this awesome community. I never would've guessed I'd still be here, checking in on everyone, still learning about so many different lives, different ways of thinking, different lifestyles. And yet there is a common thread -- not so much the infertility anymore (that will always be there, but) now we are dealing with kids, parents, FAMILIES . Issues that touch almost everyone.

    I love my little life, but I think, like most people, I live in a bubble of like minded people. I saw a Romney sticker in a parking lot yesterday -- it was my first! In Berkeley, CA no less.

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    Default Good times ...

    And boy did we keep each other honest!

    What bums me out is that all of the old, incredibly heated discussions regarding Iraq are lost in the ether. I thought I'd saved some of them but I guess it did not work. I've been wrong about a lot of stuff, and especially my hopes about Obama being a great leader, which he is not ... but on Iraq, I felt hugely vindicated after the fact and I'd love to read what I wrote before, just to see.

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