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Thread: Young DOR issues

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    Hi - I have had 3 IVFs that have all failed over a year. I am now 30 and very confused about my situation. We are trying to find the best specialist to go to for DOR (or POA - not sure which term is correct). I was also diagnosed with an Alloimmune disorder, which some centers believe in and some don't. Do you recommend a particular center for young patients with DOR? Is there a certain protocol you would advise, or stay away from? Do you believe in alloimmune issues? Is there anything I can be doing (besides taking DHEA) to improve my situation? Obviously, I feel very desperate and alone in my infertility journey since this diagnosis is rare to get when younger. Each doctor I speak to gives me a different response, so I'm hoping you can help. For background, I have been to SIRM and a local RE, and have spoken to CCRM and CHR as well (CCRM did not think they could help me, CHR seemed kind of promising). Thank you.

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    THat is a tough situation. We have had some surprising success with Natural Cycle IVF in these cases. Personally I have tried DHEA on only one patient. She ultimately had success with NC IVF (see my blog for details.

    "Rare" is relative as we have a lot of patients in this situation. I assume that you have beem tested for Fragile X....

    Good luck.


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