My son has asperger's and has an IEP. At the start of the year the school proposed a math goal as my son's grades were slipping, he failed the math SOL and they proposed a self-contained math class. I observed the class and refused the self-contained class as all the kids had stimming issues and my son does not. The pace was also very, very slow.

I asked for testing and told them a math goal was premature without knowing the areas of weakness. They did a KTEA and Key math test but insist there are no tests to find what grade level my son is on. They only say he's NOT on grade level. They again proposed the self-contained math class and a very broad goal. The testing has taken a while and now I'm going through a transition IEP for middle school and I haven't signed the IEP yet as it's not completed. Meanwhile, my son is doing worse in math and I asked for ESY and was denied. I was told that without a goal they can't offer services. I thought that IEP teams have the power to do most anything they want if it provides a child with educational benefit--am I wrong? How do I get my son math help over the summer through his IEP so that his progress (or lack of) can be measured?