Hello and thank you very much for being here. We are in MA. My daughter is in second grade and has had an IEP for a physical disability and an expressive language disorder since age 3. She has struggled this year and in February we were called in to meet the teacher who told us she was below grade level in math, writing and reading. At that time we called a team meeting, and met in early April with her team. We signed consents to begin her three year evaluation. The school psychologist went on planned maternity leave on May 21. Evals were not complete. IEP is only valid until June 7. Evals are still not done.

Sped manager called yesterday with "good news", they have a psychologist who can do the evals. We google him. His educational psychologist license is listed as expired on the state professional licensing webpage. He assures us he is licensed to perform this testing. Then we notice his address- same one as the Sped manager. We email and ask him to verify he does not have a conflict of interest in this case- no response. We ask for a new evaluator. Principal agrees this morning, but now there is no way evals will be complete by the end of school June 15.

My questions are:

What do we do when the IEP expires and there has been no meeting or evals completed?

What do you think about the evaluator and the Sped manager having the same address? It is a single family home, by the way, but we have no idea what their relationship is. Should we just let it go at this point and see what the evaluation by the new person reveals?

Thanks very much,