My older son Grant is HFA and has other disabilities that impact him in the classroom. He is a rising 7th grader in inclusive setting. Most past years(since he was 3) he has met his goals, but the criteria was too low I realize now. Anyway, after hiring a paid advocate who helped get the county to LISTEN a bit more, it appears as though my son is not meeting most of his goals. Yet they have it listed as "making sufficient progress to meet goal" under 4th (last) quarter.
1) For example for math goal
- Grant will improve his math skills by performing operations with fractions with like denominators
d. division
Criteria for mastery 80% yet for 4th quarter it is only 66% for add/subtract; 75% multiplication
Method of evaluation informal assessments and data collection
n/a 1st quarter, 46-56% 2nd quarter, 25-76% depending on operation 3rd quarter.

So if someone attains close to the criteria than it is considered "making sufficient progress"? This matters as the advocate keeps saying we need documentation to make case for ESY for math during school year. The county said they were providing appropriate support. Grant had math study skills, math connections and co-taught math in 6th still failed math, and will have same set-up for 7th.

The math goals for 7th have the word independently added- something Grant struggles with-tonight he could not figure out what the difference between 2 numbers meant when I TOLD him what he needed to figure out a math problem.