My dd is entering kindergarten in California. She has been receiving services through our school district since the age of 3. One of those services is PT, once a week for 30 minutes at the district's therapy gym. It is clear to me they want to cease PT, likely at the triannual IEP which will happen in November. (one PT for the entire medium to large suburban district).

The PT keeps making statements to me like "all we have to get her to is safely navigating the school environment." Sometimes I ask about how dd is progressing on a particular age appropriate skill and she will remark that the particular skill is "developmental" not academic or relate to safely navigating the school environment. She has also made a similar remark in a full assessment I requested prior to our Kinder Transition IEP in May. Although my dd's "gross motor skills are at the 3 -3.5 year old level" dd "presents as safe, functional, and independent in her overall gross motor abilities."

Temporarily ignoring how a kid with a 2 year delay in gross motor is ready to stop PT, my gut is the standard is off. I am thinking it should be more along the lines of she can fully access/participate in the cirriculum and school activities. I can't find any regulation or case that speaks to this in the context of PT. If the district is wrong, I would like to come back with "no, the standard is XYZ.". Even better if I can cite a reg or give them a copy . I also know this same line is giving to several other parents (safely navigates campus) and I get the feeling if the district says it often enough with conviction, parents will back off thinking the school district is right.

Thanks for your time.