Hi Brice. Thanks for your reply. We jumped the gun, but I hope that's ok. My husband felt VERY strongly about acting on this immediately. But we also didn't want to burn bridges with the counselor, who does care but is a bit of a control freak. Anyway, we did a conference call with her to call her out on what she said. We told her we were calling a team meeting. Then we sent the letter, via email, with the letter attached and cc'd to the team. I also included the text in the email, whoops! Sometimes people can't read attachments, so we wanted to be sure everyone could read it.

Anyway, no harm done, we hope. Our sped director follows the letter of the law, and she will honor our request. I hope we didn't do anything stupid, but the counselor is about to leave for maternity on Friday. I would love to hear the rest of your thoughts. My husband was not able to attend the conference, and he is very, very concerned about our son's history with transitions and wanted to act on this today. So the ball is rolling. We have not documented what she said, so I would love to hear what you think. We have a few days before she leaves to create a paper trail, perhaps a thank you for talking to us about this. She didn't backtrack on what she said, but she was very defensive and hemmed and hawed a bit.

Anyway, our son comes first!!

Thanks in advance for whatever advice you have.