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Thread: successful IVF ?

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    Default successful IVF ?

    Has anyone had a successful IVF on their 1st cycle? If not how many cycles did it take to conceive?

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    Hi,I was trying to conceive for a long time, and then decided to find a good Fertility clinic, read lots of reviews and found Shady Grove and it was my good luck) The clinic I had 3 failed IUI cycles first, because I was afraid to deal with IVF - I heard it could bring to miscarriage. My Doctor advised me IVF on the first consultation after all analyses, but I just tried to do anything to avoid the procedure. Eventually a had to go though IVF treatment, Dr. Ryabinov was really polite, understanding and helpful, and thanks to him I'm pregnant now. I'm sure I needed to listen to him, in this case I wouldn't have failed IUI

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