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Thread: Clomid (from IUI procedure) thinned my lining!

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    Default Clomid (from IUI procedure) thinned my lining!

    Hi Dr. Roseff,
    I went for my first IUI on August 1st and didn't get pregnant. Actually the Clomid 100 for 5 days (started on day 5) caused my lining at 5mm the day before IUI. I had Estrogen of 663 and LH of 13 and I responded to the Clomid immediately (IUI started right after my first ultrasound); my husband also had a sperm count of 51million and 80% motility post wash.
    The doctor basically said he thinks IUI didn't work because my lining was too thin.
    Now I'm ready to move on to IVF after resting one cycle, but with poor lining this month, shouldn't I be some kind of meds (my period is about to start this weekend)? My doctor didn't prescribed me anything for now and said he'll give me some vaginal progesterone gel during the IVF cycle...I'm just concern if that's a bit late? Is there anything else I can do to increase the lining because walking/yoga/acupuncture?
    Thanks soooo much again for answering my question, your previous responds was super helpful and I really wanted to try one IUI before starting IVF.

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    Sorry your IUI cycle wasn't successful. Were you given vaginal estrogen to try and thicken your uterine lining during your Clomid cycle? If not, why would your doctor not try that before moving you on to an IVF cycle for a thin lining?

    Progesterone (vaginally) does NOT have an effect to thicken the uterine lining, so if you truly understood your doctor to say "don't worry about a thin lining, we'll give you PROGESTERONE", that's incorrect. Progesterone, after ovulation of after egg retrieval, changes the lining so it can better allow implantation of a pregnancy, but the thickness of the lining BEFORE ovulation or egg retrieval is what's key, and progesterone isn't started until AFTER ovulation or egg retrieval.

    I don't know if this makes sense to you, or if it helps. Consider a second opinion prior to moving to IVF for a thin lining unless you NEED IVF for other reasons aside from a thin lining.

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