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Thread: Successful FTR, but how will I know?

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    Default Successful FTR, but how will I know?

    I had an successful FTR done on both of my tubes, but how do I know if they are actually functional? the blockage was proximal, and was checked to make sure they were open at 3months and then at 6 months after surgery. What can be done to make sure everything is functioning properly? My specialist suggested to start Femara and to receive a shot. May a get your feed back on the tubal question?

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    There is no test available to assess tubal function. If your tubes are now open, you can f ollow you doctor's advice. If pregnancy does not occur, you should talk with your doctor about in vitro fertilization with a history of previous tubal surgery. Dr. Coulam

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    You should get a test done for that just to be sure and have some tests run as well.
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