Hi Brice,
Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. Our daughter, 14 and home with us from China for 4 years, is entering 8th grade. She has been receiving ELL services in school, which have varied from year to year. It has become clear that needs more intervention for reading help than the average ELL student; in 6th grade she was placed in the reading lab for a period each day; this seemed somewhat helpful but her reading scores did not really improve (she was at a second grade level). In 7th grade, a new reading teacher pushed for her to have one on one WIlson tutoring, which the school was not able to make part of her school day and so she stayed after 4 days a week. Finally she is showing some signs of progress, moving up to a 3 to 3.5 grade level.
It seems to me that she needs to continue the Wilson tutoring, but she has enough other homework (all of which is a struggle because of her reading level) that the extended school day makes things difficult. She also has signs of developmental trauma disorder; is easily shamed and becomes discouraged thinking something is wrong with her, which is part of the reason I have not pushed for an IEP before (the focus on her performance and intensive evaluation will be extremely difficult for her to tolerate).
I have a meeting with the principal and her guidance counselor (who has been helpful, but doesn't have any power to change the curriculum to make room in her day for a reading tutor). Where do I start? What do I ask for? Do I need an advocate with me, at this point? Thanks so much, Chris