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Thread: 20+ early Miscarriages and eventual pregnancy?

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    Default 20+ early Miscarriages and eventual pregnancy?

    I was wondering if anyone out there has had an absurd number of miscarriages, and still eventually gave birth to their miracle baby?

    I sometimes feel like my case is simply too cursed!

    It brought me great comfort to hear Nancy's story, and Dr. Sher at Sher Fertility in Las Vegas seems so confident!

    I was literally seeing a grief counselor to help let go of this dream when I found him. Has anyone had a similar experience?

    I would LOVE to hear your story!


    And as for my story:
    I am 26 years old. 20+ early miscarriages. They title them "chemical pregnancies" but I find that term cold and minimizing. I suffer from severe endometriosis that I had to travel to California to see a world leading surgeon, Dr. Nezhat who was able to save me from having a hysterectomy at age 23. But it has left me with DOR and I still have endo on my bladder, colon, and bowel as well as extensive scar tissue. I have had three surgeries over the last two years and every time I fear it will be the one that I will have no eggs leftover afterward. I was diagnosed with high nk cells by a doctor who didn't properly understand them. (Common with endo patients) I paid for IVIG to save a pregnancy (6 weeks was my furthest MC) which Dr. Sher told me it was already far too late.
    I literally have stopped counting how many times I have gotten a positive pregnancy test then watched the lines fade to nothing.

    It is so emotional to bond with that little spirit then have them leave over and over.

    My heart goes out to all of you also suffering with this!

    Can't wait to meet all of you and hear your stories!

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    Hi! Sorry to hear that. My cousin had many chemical pregnancies and miscarriages. But now she has two amazing children and she is very happy. All I can say do not lose hope and good luck.

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