Myself and my spouse have been trying to conceive for about two years.She is 38 years and I am 45 years.We have run several tests and the tests show that everything is okay.My wife has had fibroid surgeries in July,2015 and August,2016.She has had two IUI procedures but have not achieved pregnancy.We are have been reviewing our options and we are looking at IVF .However,before IVF we are considering natural foods as an option.A report in the Huffington post list the following foods as the top ten natural superfoods:
1.Banana 2.Asparagus 3.Shellfish 4.Eggs 5.Almonds 6.Citrus Fruits 7.Tofu 8.Salmon 9.Peas 10.Mackerel

Some couples say that these foods can help induce pregnacy and I will like to know the experience of other couples on this.