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Miscarriage, Multiple Miscarriage and/ or Immune Issues Moderated by Carolyn B. Coulam, MD
Carolyn Coulam MD, specializes in helping those experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss and implantation failure. Dr. Coulam is a pioneer in the field of reproductive immunology. She is board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Dr. Coulam is a long-time advisor to INCIID and has been answering patient questions since INCIID's inception. Dr. Coulam's professional member profile is located here. Visit the Reproductive Medicine Institute (Chicago).

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Default Reproductive Immunology Links _ Please READ

See the Reproductive Immunology Section on the INCIID Main Website:

Immunology may be key to pregnancy loss (updated) by Carolyn Coulam and Nancy Hemenway
The complexity of the immune system can be key in treating both implantation failure and pregnancy loss.

Immunology May Be Key To Pregnancy Loss

Until the last decade, there was little a couple could do if they suffered from recurrent pregnancy losses. Miscarriages that couldn't be attributed to chromosomal defects, hormonal problems or abnormalities of the uterus were labeled "unexplained," and couples would continue to get pregnant, only to suffer time and again as they lost their babies. New research, however, has provided information on the causes of the heretofore unexplained pregnancy losses allowing more effective treatment enabling women to carry their babies to term.

Memorial Gardens: Introduction
A place to find peace and create a memorial to those who have been taken from us too soon and/or moved on before us

PreTreatment with IVIg Letter to Insurance
IVIG is used to treat reproductive immunological problems including multiple miscarriage and implantation failure. This template letter for pre-treatment medical necessity can be sent to insurance companies as a routine appeal for use of IVIg or Intravenous Immunoglobulin

IVig (intravenous immunoglobulin) is an expensive treatment for both implantation failure as well as multiple miscarriages resulting from reproductive immunological complications. Here is a pre-treatment sample letter for medical necessity or a post treatment appeal for use of this very expensive medication.

Embryo Interaction May Be Key to Diagnosis and Treatment of Immunological Implantation Failure by Geoffrey Sher, M.D.
Recently there has been recognition that implanting embryos engage in a “cross talk” allowing it to develop unhindered in the uterus rather than be rejected. The embryo, upon arrival in the uterus, relays its desire to enter into a “dialogue” with the endometrial immune system. What this might mean to implantation is discussed by Geoffrey Sher,M.D.

IVIg Trial
A 1995 study evaluating the efficacy of intravenous immunoglobulin for treatment of individuals experiencing unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss.
IVIg Safety
Read about safety concerns and what the CDC and FDA have to say about the use of prescribed IVIg.

The Miscarriage Manual: Coping with the Emotional Aspects of Pregnancy Loss by Elizabeth Carney
A guide to help you cope with the emotional aspects of pregnancy loss.

Intravenous Immunoglobulin for Treatment of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Carolyn B. Coulam. Lois Krysa, J. Jaroslav Stern, and Maria Bustillo Key words: Recurrent spontaneous abortion. intravenous immunoblobulin, immunotherapy

IVIg for ART and Implantation Failure Controversy by Geoffrey Sher, M.D.
An essay by Geoffrey Sher, M.D.
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