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Old 10-18-2010, 08:50 PM
BonnieV BonnieV is offline
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Default Octomom... 12 embryos...


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Old 10-20-2010, 03:10 AM
Tonia1 Tonia1 is offline
Bronze Member
Join Date: Jan 2006
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Not just 12 embryos but 12 blastocysts! This story still makes me sick to my stomach. I saw her on some news show, and her house was absolute chaos, and she was getting almost no sleep. There's no way any human being can continue to function, let alone be a good parent to that many young children.
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Old 10-21-2010, 10:02 AM
MelanieOH MelanieOH is offline
INCIIDer - A Community Creator
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Default I feel so sorry for those children.

A single mother of 14!!!! What chance do those kids have?

The dr. deserves to have his license taken away. Twelve blastocysts. WHAT was he thinking?

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Old 10-27-2010, 04:13 PM
Reese14 Reese14 is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2006
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Default This irritates me

I feel bad for those children. the doctor should lose his license, that is INSANE to have 12 embryos.
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