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Miracles and Memories Pins
Help support the infertility community with the Miracles and Memories Pins. Read about the three colored lapel pin representing all aspects of family-building.

A Tribute to Sam Thatcher, M.D., Ph.D.
Perhaps the best description of Sam Thatcher is one paraphrased in his book Making a Baby, co- written with Debra Fulghum Bruce: “He was a polar bear of a man, … a rumpled Ivy League professor who returned home to start his own practice… (with) a style that was a combination of therapist, detective and scientist.” His untimely death was a loss to infertility patients everywhere. Sam always did the right thing for his patients and will be terribly missed. Read the tribute the man who brought the most economical IVF in the US to his patients.

The Octuplet Debacle: Where do we go from here? by Geoffrey Sher, MD
The entire debacle surrounding the IVF “Octuplets” raises serious ethical issues. .At the same time, it sounds an alarm that it is time for all well intended people involved in Reproductive Health Care, to take action.

Infertility - Medical Forums and Bulletin Boards
Get your questions on infertility, pregnancy loss and adoption answered by therapists, doctors, attorneys and other professionals on INCIID.

Infertility - Support Forums and Bulletin Boards
Network and talk to other patients going through infertility treatment, IVF, waiting for their beta results etc.

Register to interact, chat and network on INCIID
Always FREE to join the INCIID Community bulletin boards and forums.

Pregnancy Loss Forums and Bulletin Boards
A place to connect to others who have lost a child.

Parenting Bulletin Boards and Forums
A place to discuss parenting issues with peers.

Pregnancy After Infertility Support Forums and Bulletin Boards
Join others who are pregnant after going through infertility and/or pregnancy loss. Post a little or jump in with both feet. INCIID has a place for those who are just a little pregnant or those who are ready to deliver.

Lifestyles Forums and Bulletin Boards
A place to meet and chat over the back fence about diet and fitness, parents night out, or even a good book you've read!

Living Childfree
A place to discuss life without children and making the decision and choice to live childfree.

INCIID Interactive: Share your success stories
Share your successes and read others.

A list of abbreviations and internet acronyms frequently used.

The From INCIID the Heart Fund
This program is the first and only national scholarship for those with medical and financial need for IVF treatment. It's a way to help those without insurance cover their IVF.

A long list of medical and Internet Acronyms and slang terms

Insurance Advocacy Forum
Visit the insurance advocacy bulletin board forum on INCIID.

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