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Infertility Basics

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The Infertility Bascis section on INCIID is a good place to start educating yourself on basic testing, what a reproductive endocrinologist is, why you should look for a fellowship trained physician or specialist and much more. If you need help, please email us

In this section:

ART Resource Directory and Handbook


Reproductive Technologies & Diseases

Miracles and Memories Pins
Help support the infertility community with the Miracles and Memories Pins. Read about the three colored lapel pin representing all aspects of family-building.

The Octuplet Debacle: Where do we go from here? by Geoffrey Sher, MD
The entire debacle surrounding the IVF “Octuplets” raises serious ethical issues. .At the same time, it sounds an alarm that it is time for all well intended people involved in Reproductive Health Care, to take action.

Infertility - Medical Forums and Bulletin Boards
Get your questions on infertility, pregnancy loss and adoption answered by therapists, doctors, attorneys and other professionals on INCIID.

Memorial Gardens: Introduction
A place to find peace and create a memorial to those who have been taken from us too soon and/or moved on before us

Women's support Group to Begin in February 2008-- New York City
A new women's support group begins meeting in February in the New York City area.

Press Release: Class Action Law Suit Filed Against Blue Cross Blue Shield of California
A lawsuit charging Blue Cross of California with failing to offer infertility benefits required by California law was certified as a class action on Tuesday.

SEE the Video Web Cast with Geoff Sher, MD: New Breakthrough in IVF. Study Doubles IVF Success
A process that could markedly improve pregnancy rates from In Vitro-Fertilization (IVF) was reported in a study published in the prestigious medical journal Fertility and Sterility (F&S).

Basic Testing with a Reproductive Endocrinologist
An article about what to expect with your first visit to a reproductive endocrinologist (a true fertility specialist).

Testing Anti-Müllerian Hormone to Determine Egg Reserves by Scott Roseff, MD

Reproduction is germane to being alive, human or otherwise. It sometimes seems that you are surrounded by babies: birds, bees, dogs, sloths, and more galling than anything, your friends or neighbors who aren't sure that they want a baby but find themselves pregnant by accident. That is, everyone and everything reproduces but you. Helen Adrienne gives insight into the emotional plight for those affected by infertility.

Diet and Lifestyle Management of PCOS By Hillary M. Wright, MEd, RD, LDN
It is estimated that PCOS affects up to 10% of all women during their reproductive years. This figure appears to be rising with the obesity epidemic as excess weight tends to worsen PCOS. Research also suggests that up to 30% of women have some of the symptoms of the disorder without meeting all the criteria for diagnosis (generally requires either irregular or absent periods, and signs of elevated androgens, or male-type hormones). Hillary Wright explores lifestyle and a Natural approach to healing a woman's health and hormones.

Stress and Acupuncture By Marc Sklar, LAc, DA (RI), FABORM
Simply, acupuncture functions by affecting neural pathways along the body. Once these areas of the brain are contacted the body will respond by producing more or less of a certain chemical or hormone. (More)

Fertility Rescue Program
When a young woman is diagnosed with cancer, the rush to treatment is immediate. The patient is thrust into the world of cancer and the primary hope is recovery. Sometimes the patient is aware their fertility could be impacted, but overwhelmed and exhausted they put the "fertility issue" aside and pursue cancer treatment. This program is offered to patients FREE of charge. Read More

A Baby at Last

Dealing with the Stress of the Holidays
The stress of the holidays is a topic that has appeared with regularity in articles and newsletters since 1979 when I began working as a psychotherapist with infertility patients. Rightfully so. Infertility is demanding and stressful. The Holidays are demanding and stressful. And in this case, one plus one equals way more than 2.

New Developments in Assisted Reproductive Medicine by Gad Lavy, MD
The success of IVF (in vitro fertilization) has risen dramatically over the past two decades. The increase in success can be attributed to better understanding of various conditions leading to infertility and to development in cell biology in our understanding of egg and sperm interaction, embryo development, and implantation.

SIRM Shares new Egg Freezing Breakthroughs
SIRM shares new ground breaking research on egg freezing that may help us understand infertility better.

A list of abbreviations and internet acronyms frequently used.

Overcoming Infertility and Blocked Fallopian Tubes
Infertility is a lonely road to walk down. My husband and I tried for eight years to have a child. Every time we received a friend’s birth announcement or invitation to a baby shower, we were painfully reminded of our own struggles and felt isolated from our friends’ joy.

A long list of medical and Internet Acronyms and slang terms

The Infertility Q & A: Basic Testing with a Reproductive Endocrinologist By INCIID Advisors
Basic Testing with a Reproductive Endocrinologist

Assessing Information on the Internet
Although patients frequently visit consumer-related internet sites to help them make informed decisions about treatment, there is no clear way for these consumers to evaluate content within these sites. This article reviews the problem and offers suggestions to remedy the situation.

Semen Analysis: Normal Ranges
This semen analysis chart is based on the World Heath Organization criteria, 1992. Table excerpted from Berger, G.S., Goldstein, M., and Fuerst, M. (1995). The Couple's Guide to Fertility. New York: Doubleday.

Q & A for Injectable Infertility Medications

The Impact of Maternal Age and Ovarian Age on Fertility by Steven D. Spandorfer, M.D.
Age is the most important single variable influencing outcome in assisted reproduction. The effect of advancing age on clinical infertility is manifested not only in the pattern of ovarian response to superovulation, but also in reduced implantation efficiency and an increased spontaneous abortion rate. In this article, we will explore the physiologic mechanisms behind this reduced implantation efficiency and its effect on infertility outcomes.

History of Data Collection and Statistics and IVF
A summary of the history surrounding the gathering and reporting of IVF statistics

Good Eggs, FSH levels and Ovarian Reserve by David Sable, MD
The concept I describe most frequently to anyone interested in fertility is that of ovarian reserve, or the "egg factor." As of this writing we are quite capable of bypassing the problems of poor quality sperm or low sperm count or problems stemming from dysfunction or disease of the female reproductive system such as endometriosis or tubal disease.

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General Infertility FAQ

Endometriosis Questions

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