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Infertility: Male Factor

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High Resolution Sperm Selection by Peter Ahlering, MD
A fact sheet on HRSS

Microsurgical Management of Male Infertility by Jonathan Schiff, M.D.
The surgical management of male infertility is one of the most exciting topics in all of medicine. Over the last 25 years, the application of advanced microsurgical techniques has made the treatment of the infertile male one of the great success stories in medicine. We can now offer successful treatment options to thousands of couples affected by male factor infertility whose only options in the past were donor sperm or adoption.

Breakthroughs in Andrology (Abstract)
A Cross-Sectional Study on Environmental DDT Exposure and reduced seminal parameters in Men from Chiapas, Mexico

Updated Views and Data on Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Pregnancy Outcomes
From the 2006 ART Resource Directory

Sperm Donor Anonymity
This important article discusses the issues related to sperm donor anonymity and the consequences for forced identification release.

Fordham Study - Emtional Impact of Multiple Miscarriages on Men

Non-Surgical Alternatives for Men Desiring Children Following a Vasectomy
In the late 1980ís, Dr. Sherman Silber in St. Louis, proved that sperm obtained directly from the scrotum could be used to successfully fertilize eggs and achieve viable pregnancies. While this procedure was originally intended for men who are born with an obstruction in the genital tract (congenital absence of the vas deferens), it has become clear over the past decade that men with previous vasectomies can benefit from similar procedures as well.

Male Infertility Webinar
An audio visual education module and detailed primer on male infertility, its origins, anatomy and physiology and treatment.

Platlet Activating Factor and Intrauterine Inseminations by William E. Roudebush, PhD
Platelet-activating factor (PAF) is present in human spermatozoa, and its content has a significant and positive relationship with motility and pregnancy rate.

Normal Ranges for a Semen Analysis
A chart with normal ranges for sperm or semen analysis

Thatcher's Thoughts on Aspirin, Endometrium and Paternal Aging
To evaluate the effect of aspirin on infertile women with thin endometrium, 114 women were placed into an aspirin group and 122 women into a nonaspirin group

Semen Analysis: Normal Ranges
This semen analysis chart is based on the World Heath Organization criteria, 1992. Table excerpted from Berger, G.S., Goldstein, M., and Fuerst, M. (1995). The Couple's Guide to Fertility. New York: Doubleday.

ICSI and SCSA Sperm Diagnostics
by Donald P Evenson, Ph.D., HCLD and Kjersten Larson-Cook, Ph.D.

Amy and Todd have been trying to conceive for 2 years. Initially, when they decided to start a family, Todd was certain they would become pregnant very quickly. In his previous marriage, Todd had conceived each of his two children, now 20 and 22 years old, within 3 months. However, on Amy's 35th birthday, the couple realized they could no longer explain away their problem and decided to consult a fertility specialist.

Donor Insemination: Sperm Banks Offer Many Choices
by Brent Hazelrigg

Couples and individuals facing reproductive choices have many options available to them today. Just a few decades ago, if a patient needed donor sperm their physician made all the choices for them and had little information to share about the donor.

Micromanipulation techniques offer new hope for couples with male factor infertility By Marc Goldstein, M.D., Zev Rosenwaks, M.D., and Linda F. Davey
In any field of medical research, success is often measured in minute degrees, the impact of which may only be known to those whose careers are spent in the laboratories. Occasionally, however, there comes a discovery so astounding that it revolutionizes medical procedure. Such is the case with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, or ICSI, a new infertility treatment utilizing micromanipulation technology that specifically addresses male factor infertility issues. ICSI is so remarkable, in fact, that most treatments previously used have been abandoned in its favor.

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