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Insurance: Understanding Insurance

Understanding your health insurance even for the most scholarly --- can be a daunting and complicated issue. The language used in many insurance policies can be very difficult to understand, confusing and vague. The best possible position for you is to advocate for yourself. Afterall at the end of the day, YOU are the one who has the most to gain or lose.

In this section:

Press Release: Class Action Law Suit Filed Against Blue Cross Blue Shield of California
A lawsuit charging Blue Cross of California with failing to offer infertility benefits required by California law was certified as a class action on Tuesday.

Press Release: Infertility / Insurance Case
June 29, 2006 A California college professor has sued Blue Cross of California in a class action over the health plan’s failure to offer infertility coverage under her employer’s group health plan.

Understanding your health insurance
Most Americans get health insurance through their jobs or are covered because a family member has insurance at work. This is called group insurance. Group insurance is generally the least expensive kind. In many cases, the employer pays part or all of the cost.

What you should know about Managed Care Insurance
What you need to know about HMO's. Questions you need to ask regarding coverage.

Pregnancy Discrimination Act and How to File
The pregnancy discrimination act is included under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. A case might be made for inclusion of reproductive failure - infertility treatment.

States Mandating Insurance Coverage for Infertility and Pregnancy Loss
The Arkansas state mandate for covering infertility.

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