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INCIID has entered into an affiliate partnership with Ambit Energy in order to generate additional revenue and support for programs and services including the INCIID IVF Scholarship Program.  As a nonprofit, INCIID, can raise funds and help residential and commercial energy customers save on their electricity and gas usage.  When Ambit Energy becomes your gas or electric service provider you help INCIID and save at the same time just by paying your gas or electric bill!

Ambit is an approved energy supplier that offers competitive energy rates with a satisfaction guarantee savings on energy.  In 2010, INC Magazine selected Ambit Energy as the fastest growing company in the United States.   Currently, Ambit Energy provides services to the following states:

As additional states are approved, Ambit Energy we will list them here. Gas and Electricity MUST deregulate by 2020. If you don’t select a company --- your utility company will select for you without regard to savings. Why not help INCIID and get a guaranteed savings by selecting AMBIT

Your current provider will still send your bill and provide customer service – that will not change. The only change is the energy supplier – and Ambit guarantees you will SAVE on energy. You have nothing to lose by selecting Ambit and savings to gain.

Check to see if Ambit is available in your area. Just enter your zip code on INCIID’s partnership page:

Tell all your friends and family in current service areas about becoming an Ambit energy customer and support INCIID. Evaluate Ambit Energy as your electricity and/or natural gas supplier. Should you decide that Ambit Energy is the right electric and/or gas provider for you, please  type in your zip code and identify whether you are a residential or commercial customer then select Show Me My Rates.

If you choose Ambit as your supplier, INCIID receives a monthly rebate based on your Electric / GAS usage. There is NO COST to you. All you do is pay your (guaranteed lower) gas and electric bill. The monthly rebate can range from two dollars ($2) to nine dollars ($9) per month. 

If INCIID members, their families, and friends sign up our partnership becomes a significant fundraiser for INCIID and supports our programs.

We understand your struggle and know many would like to give to INCIID but cannot afford it.  We understand the tough infertility economic challenges.  But we know you must pay for electricity and gas every month and by signing on to Ambit you SAVE and INCIID gets much needed support. This means you can save money on your utility costs and help INCIID at the same time! A Win-Win for all!

We encourage all family and friends and supporters of INCIID to consider Ambit Energy as their electricity and/or natural gas supplier. This way INCIID can continue helping those suffering from infertility and pregnancy loss. If you have questions about this new program, contact 

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