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The Mind/Body Connection: Its Role in Fertility and IVF by Christo Zouves, M.D. and Suzanne Duffy

Western Medicine has traditionally been resistant to alternative therapies, focusing on the management of disease after it presents, often ignoring the fact that a particular organ or system actually belongs to a person or patient.

TURNING BACK THE REPRODUCTIVE CLOCK: New Science, Old Wisdom By Randine Lewis MSOM, L.Ac., Ph.D.

Regarding the human egg: How old is too old? Perhaps we are asking the wrong question. Remember the psychological argument about nature vs. nurture? Let’s rephrase the topic altogether. How can we help women in their mature reproductive years produce healthy children? I propose that the answer is found in the nature vs. nurture discussion. Nurturing the follicle in the 120 days before ovulation will produce a healthy egg, free of transmutation, free of the need for medical intervention.

Integrated Therapies for the Emotional Issues of Infertility By Barbara Blitzer, MSW

Managing the stressors of infertility through a mind-body approach.

Staying Sane and Whole During Treatment By Jennifer Bloome, MS OTR, HWC

Some tips on staying in control and calm from Jennifer Bloom. Be sure to visit Jennifer's meditation forum to start your day!

Webinar - Fertility Enhancement with Complementary Medicine with Randine Lewis, Ph.D.

A new way of thinking about fertility and in particular infertility.

Webinar --- Coping with the Holidays with Alice Domar, Ph.D.

A webinar is an educational module of a live event. This particular webinar is a discussion on coping with the holidays presented by Alice Domar, Ph.D. of the Mind Body Institute at Boston IVF.

The Use of Herbal Medicine while undergoing ART By Anca Sira, Dipl. Ac, L.Ac.

There are many herbs that are used for treating fertility and herbal medicine may improve the success rate of ART

Yoga and Infertility by Leslie Daly

Yoga is a practice about connecting with oneself. It is about clearing the space - physically and mentally - to experience the prana, or life force, already present within you. Yogis believe that illness and suffering (douka) is in part caused by obstructions in our bodies and minds. Happiness (souka), on the other hand, is literally translated as "unobstructed space". Hatha yoga practice, with the intention of increasing fertility, focuses on clearing space in the reproductive environment so that more prana and breath (and oxygenated blood) can move into the system.

Acupunture and IVF by Brian Acacio, M.D.

An old Chinese proverb states, “A flower cannot blossom without sunshine.” The same holds true with fertility. Chinese medicine emphasizes the proper conditions for a successful and healthy pregnancy. This is where Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can play a very important role in improving IVF outcomes.


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